10 Things That Happen When You Move In Together

August is National Romance month! 

Maybe the idea of moving in together has been floating in your mind for a while lately. And whether you’ve been together for one year or five, you just have the feeling like he or she is the one. You’ve both decided it’s time to take the next big step in your relationship- you’ve decided to move in together. If that describes you, you’re not alone. According to the Pew Research Trust, 9.2 percent of Millennial couples are living together – a 59% increase since 1997.
It’s an exciting new time in your lives but without proper planning ahead of time, it could end up in heartbreak and financial disaster. Before you jump in head first, there are important things to consider.

Relationships are made of a number of tests that determine whether or not two people are meant for each other. One of those tests occurs when two people move in together.

These are 10 things you can expect to happen when you move-in together:

Your partner will seem like a different person
Once you’re sharing the same space, your partner’s true character will begin to show. He or she might become a werewolf at night – or at least act like it after an especially rough day at work.

You’ll get to know his or her weird habits…
You might discover soon after moving in together, that your boyfriend or girlfriend has weird habits you weren’t aware of before…

And he or she will know yours, too
Thought you could keep it a secret forever that you still sleep with a stuffed animal? Think again. That stuff is no longer your little secret.

Who’s going to pay for food and bills?
The rent, the groceries, the dinner plans for the week… When you’re living together, chores and bills might become shared tasks. But who will take care of what? Before you move-in together, you should have an agreement – or an idea at least! – regarding who will be responsible for what.

Good communication will be as important as ever
When you have your own space, venting out relationship frustrations is easier. You have the luxury to cool down in an apartment all your own. Not anymore. Good communication will be vital at this stage of your relationship – especially after moving in together.

You’ll get on each other’s nerves
You’ll learn very quickly what annoys you about your partner. From leaving empty cups on the counter to having an incessant need to cracking his or her knuckles, your partner’s annoying habits will become clear as day once you start living together.

It won’t just be your “stuff” you’re living with
Because next to your cologne in the medicine cabinet will be her cuticle cream and next to your exfoliating masks will be bits of his stubble. Your own space with your own things will become a distant memory. Living together means you’ll have to combine your “stuff” in the same space and make it work.

You’ll have to compromise about guests
No longer will you be the one to call all the shots. You’ll both have the right to invite friends or guests over, but now you must do so with courtesy to your partner. Ask what your partner’s thoughts are about guests coming over and when a heads-up might be required.

Your relationship will change
People tend to change as time goes by. Many aspects of our personalities stay the same, but things like our goals and aspirations change. Expect to evolve more than you ever did before when you take your relationship to this level, and be prepared to adapt to make the relationship work.

Being spontaneous will be essential
When you’re living together, more things become mundane. Getting stuck in a “settled down” routine too soon might just make you reconsider this whole moving-in-together thing. But spontaneity should help counter that and keep the relationship in a healthy state. To make cohabiting a success, don’t forget to be spontaneous. Have a spur of the moment date night to keep the spark going. Otherwise, binge-watching Netflix every night becomes old.

Now embark on the exciting journey of moving-in together, more informed as to what to expect.

 Justin Lavelle is Communications Director at BeenVerified. BeenVerified is the fast, affordable, and easy way to access public records and search for people. Find out ages, marital status, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, criminal records, and more.