2018 Home and Outdoor Living Decor Trends

Start ‘trending’ in your neighborhood this year with your home using design trends and advice from Rhianna Miller, Rubber Mulch’s home and garden design expert and trend forecaster.

What design style do you think will be big in 2018 and why?
Frugal luxury meets eco-friendly living. People want a comfy, nice home but aren’t willing to break the bank doing so. They are also looking for harmony in their homes and communities. Homeowners want to consider their carbon footprint and use more natural resources.

How can a homeowner incorporate that style into their home?
A few creative ways to incorporate frugal luxury meets eco-friendly style into your own home is by resourcing materials from second-hand shops or Habitat for Humanity, giving your existing items a second life, and purchasing new, quality pieces from local artisans. Consider how you lessen your footprint by not buying new each time. Older pieces of furniture and home building supplies tend to have higher quality construction as well. You’re getting well-made craftsmanship. If you do buy new, solicit the help of a local artisan that can design a piece specific to your needs and using materials you request.

What colors do you think are going be popular for home decor in 2018? 
Think modern, fresh and bright. Look for silver and gold accents, turquoise, elderberry, greenish yellows, rosy hues, olive, purples, and grays.

How can you pair those colors? 
In 2018, the idea is to pair warm-cool combinations—it’s balance with boldness. Blues with peach/oranges. Golden yellow with blue. Dark blues with a gray palette. Turquoise with purples.

What are 2018 trends you see for the kitchen and how can you incorporate them? 
Two-toned Cabinets—in 2018 you’ll be seeing a lot of kitchens featuring two-toned cabinets. This can be done in several different ways, such as, one color on the top cabinets and a different color on the bottom or in different finishes. You can pull this off in your home by simply repainting your existing cabinets or replacing the cabinet doors.

Gold Toned Accents – rose gold, brass and copper finishes are on everything from cabinet handles to appliances. Just visit your local homewares store and to find tons of items you can include in your kitchen to get the look for gold. You’ll find everything from appliances and gadgets to garbage cans and bar stools with a touch of gold.

Statement Floor Tile – the past few years leaned heavily on the backsplash tile. But in 2018, it’s all about the floor tiles. Look for patterned tiles that will take your kitchen to a whole new level or you can select different standard tiles to create eclectic patterns. For many this is a DIY weekend project, but if you’re not familiar with tiling, you may want to call in the specialists to lend a hand.

What are 2018 trends you see for the outdoors and how can you incorporate them? 
Growing the Outdoor Living Space – in the coming year, you’ll find a growing emphasis on the outdoor living space. As people improve their quality of life at home, they are expanding the living area outdoors as a space to enjoy time with family and a place to relax. Comfy, useable furniture will be included as well as hammocks and hanging swings. Make room for the fire pit as it’s the area where all come to gather on a beautiful summer night.

Addition of Backyard Gardens – with a heightened focus on health and growing your own food, backyard gardens are popping up all over. The popularity of backyard gardening has spiked over the last few years with urban gardeners and those gardening with limited backyard space sprouting up everywhere. Having limited space isn’t stopping potential gardeners with the ambition to grow their own food and flowers. You’ll see more square foot gardens, creative raised beds and use of normally unused space. Additionally you’ll find more low-maintenance, natural looking landscaping.

Focus on Outdoor Lighting – outdoor lighting has always had a place in outdoor home design but in 2018 there will be added focus on lighting the landscaping around a home, not just the pathways and doorways. Additional lighting is both aesthetically pleasing and a safety, security measure.

What are 2018 trends you see for the bedroom and how can you incorporate them? 
Low Headboards – after years of the overbearing, prominent headboard, there’s now a shift to a more subtle, low sitting headboard. If this is something you’d like to try out, a simple low headboard is a simple DIY project whether made from wood and painted or covered with fabric. With the headboard taking backstage, other areas of the room now stand out which is a change from years past. The eye can focus on other details in the room.

Metal Lamps – much like the kitchen, you’ll be seeing metals like copper, brass and rose gold in the bedroom too. Since copper has become an essential element in Nordic-style environments, it’s no surprise they’re popping up in bedrooms everywhere. You can find a great set of table lamps or hanging pendant lights in a beautiful metal at most home improvement stores.

What are 2018 trends you see for the bathroom and how can you incorporate them?
All About Tile – the big update to bathrooms in the New Year will be the addition of luxe tile. You’ll be seeing eclectic tile like the “mermaid tile” and combos of tiles such as marble and subway tile together, a resurge of the stone and brick tiles, arabesque, and glazed terra cotta. So many options and so many ways to create a gorgeous bathroom with the addition of tile. For you own home, consider the bathroom backsplash or shower. Take it a step further with a tile floor.

Concrete Countertops – move over marble and granite, it’s concrete’s time to shine in the New Year. With a shift to a “less is more” mentality, concrete countertops play into the appeal as an edgier, less expensive, less traditional improvement. They can be DIY installed or installed by a pro or you can use a kit that basically covers your existing countertops without having to remove/replace them. Concrete is one of the most affordable options on the market.

Rhianna Miller is the home and garden Design Expert with https://rubbermulch.com, the original and environmentally responsible mulch made from 100% recycled rubber used in gardens, playgrounds and sustainable landscaping. Rubber Mulch is weather resistant, durable, and the most cost effective mulch around and is specifically designed to protect children from falls on the playground.