6 Local Tree Service Companies to Spruce-Up So Fla National Cemetery in Lake Worth

Tree care professionals from six local tree service companies will unite at the South Florida National Cemetery in Lake Worth for a volunteer day of service dedicated to our veterans. Saluting Branches, Arborists United for Veteran Remembrance is a nonprofit organization honoring veterans by donating tree care at veteran properties. Celebrating the third annual day of service on September 20, 2017, nearly 1500 tree industry professionals across the nation will donate a full day by doing what they do best: caring for trees.

Participating local companies include Jason Arborcare Service in West Palm Beach, Mignano Landscape & Tree Care in Boynton Beach, Only Trees of Jupiter, Southern Arbor Services of Pompano Beach, Stephen’s Tree Service in Palm Beach Gardens, and Zimmerman Tree Service in Lake Worth.

Volunteer tree work at the 313-acre cemetery will begin by 8:30 am that Wednesday with arborists providing expertise in tree structure, invasive insects, diseases, and best management practices for tree health.

“We join with tree care companies around the country to honor our Nation’s veteran’s by providing free tree care services,” says James Mitchum, director of South Florida National Cemetery. “Together we make these cemeteries safer, more beautiful resting places for those veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.”

“I look forward to giving back and taking care of the place where those that gave their life have their final resting place,” shared one previous volunteer, while others declared, “What an outstanding way to honor our country’s veterans,” and “Our actions and participation in this event is a small token of our thanks to the men and women who served. We are proud to be a part of an industry that recognizes our veterans and the sacrifices they made.”