A Twisted Take on Christmas

Created by Billy and Karen Groeneveld, Enigma Haunt is “the most intense indoor haunted attraction in South Florida” and has been voted as the 2016 #1 Top Haunt in Florida and among the Top 31 Haunts in the Nation by The Scare Factor. Covering more than 20,000 sq feet and over two floors, the Enigma Haunt of your Halloween terrors features three spine tingling attractions under one roof – Pandemic, Into Oblivion and Realms of Terror.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Pulled together in just 2 weeks, the wizards over at Enigma transformed the sets of the Realms of Terror haunt on the top floor from its former Halloween gore into a nightmarish version of your childhood holidays. And the cast?! WOWZERS!!! From the zombie Santa that welcomed me to the creepy, drunk elf who shared a drink with me, everyone was so over-the-top, fantastic, and creepy in the best possible way!

After grabbing a drink from the bar next door for fortitude and strength, I ventured into the realm of Christmas frights. Joining a very charming family of four, we ventured up the stairs to the top floor to experience the transformed Realms of Terror. While I would love to give you all sorts of details about the spaces, there is just too much to cover. And besides, you really ought to go and check it out for yourself. There really is no other way… From room to room and realm to realm, complete with ‘portals’ to transport you from one to the other, the details of each room are so specific and precise and totally sell the story of each space. I swear, even the smells sometimes matched!! Filled with interactive actors and scares, the haunt was a scary blast, even for a non-horror noob like myself.

Then came the ‘after’ party, otherwise known as dinner and drinks at the aforementioned bar downstairs, while chatting with the locals and listening to some surprisingly good karaoke. Nippers Bar & Grill is a true hidden gem if you’re ever looking for a comfortable local dive bar in stuffy Boca – complete with pool tables and a sunken dance floor. And man oh man do they pour a mean drink! Needless to say I’ll be visiting again one day soon! 😉

The finale to my night we when the haunt closed and the cast joined in on the party downstairs. Imagine if you will your typical local bar with holiday decor filling up with ghouls and zombies and their victims.. It was surreal.. And awesome.. And I can’t wait until next year for the 2nd annual Christmas Nightmare Party… Can you imagine what they’ll come up with after having a full year to dream and plan?!!

Until next year Enigma!!!!

~Vanessa Prieto, Guest Blogger Extraordinaire