Authorities investigating threats against Malayan tiger at Palm Beach Zoo

This afternoon, the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society released another statement related to the ongoing investigation into the death of Stacey Konwiser while she was preparing for Friday’s tiger talk.  In the statement, it was made clear that authorities are investigating threats against the male Malayan tiger involved in the April 15th incident at the zoo.

“The male Malayan tiger involved in the April 15th incident has never been blamed or identified,” stated Naki Carter, public relations manager for the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society. “His future has never been in jeopardy. His age has never been divulged. He has never been involved in any other incident at Palm Beach Zoo. The Zoo has never had any other animal-related human deaths in its 60-year history.”

This is contrary to recent published reports on both Fox News and CNN that went into detail about the name and age of the tiger. Out of respect, Palm Beach Happening has chosen not to reveal that information at this time.

“The Zoo continues to cooperate with multiple agencies involving the tragedy,” Carter added. “The Zoo is an organization deeply committed to species survival. The Zoo has no interest in assisting, allowing or encouraging blame on one of only 250 Malayan tigers remaining in existence.”

As the investigation continues, we will no doubt learn more about the circumstances surrounding the untimely death of Stacey Konwiser, as well as what changes will be made to the procedures in place at the Palm Beach Zoo. Palm Beach Happening is, and always has been, committed to bringing you the truth, and will provide additional coverage as the review continues.

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