#BeachFriday – 8 Best Beaches In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. This stunning continent offers an escape to those who need it the most as well as a ton of fun and adventure for entire family. These exquisite, pristine beaches have crystal clear waters and lush green hills, making it so close to being heaven on earth. If you are seeking moments of pure tranquility and freedom from your frenzied city life, this is your answer. These are idyllic getaways that combine wondrous wildlife and stunning natural settings. Here is a list of eight best beaches in Southeast Asia for you to explore.


Koh Phangan, Thailand –
Everything you want is on this quaint, little island. There are immaculate beaches, awesome outdoor activities and thrilling water sports. Get closer to nature at the breathtaking waterfalls of Nam Tok Than Sadet and Nam Tok Phaeng or the incredible Ang Thong Marine National Park. You may even get a step closer when you spot wild crocodiles, monkeys, snakes, deer and boars. If you yearn to visit beaches in the United Sates, like beautiful Palm Beach, click here: http://palmbeach.happeningmag.com/category/areas/palm-beach



Tioman Island, Malaysia –  The best thing about Tioman Island is spending the day with sea turtles at the Juara Turtle Project. Besides immersing yourself in the animal world, you can go rock climbing and be one with nature at the legendary Gunung Nenek Semukut. Tioman Island invites you to explore its lush jungles, clear streams and emerald waters. It’s the perfect place for a careless vacation and where you will get to see multi-hued corals and tropical fish. You can also spot beautiful butterflies, monitor lizards and deer on the island. The only way to enjoy being carefree on some of the best beaches in Southeast Asia is to purchase a travel insurance plan so that you will be easily reimbursed in the event of a calamity. Relax, lay back and have some fun in the sun with no worries.


Macleod Island, Myanmar – This exceptional island, still in its natural state, is located in the Mergui Archipelago of Myanmar’s coast. The island is pristine, absolutely peaceful and full of vibrant beauty. Macleod Island is a slice of heaven and is perfect for you to nestle yourself within its unspoiled setting and find tranquility. You will have the best time exploring this natural paradise, its pristine beach and incredible diving spots.




Palawan, Philippines – There are two beaches that are perfectly untouched on the lush island of Palawan and they are called El Nido and Coron. One of them is known for having one of the most picturesque seascapes in the world and is home to a limestone karst as well as crystal clear waters that are idyllic for diving and snorkeling. The other is famous for wreck diving as numerous Japanese warships have sunk there. We’ll let you discover for yourself which island has what.



Mui Ne, Vietnam –  Mui Ne beach in Vietnam is the perfect balance of tranquility and excitement. This exquisite island is cloaked in a dense, lush jungle and is copiously speckled with striking white, sandy beaches. It’s the ideal way to escape the hubbub of life. Just picture yourself spending the day chilling on the beach and breathing in the crisp, clean ocean air. When the beach bum in you has had enough and you need that adrenalin fix, you can treat yourself to kite surfing on the coast or surf the massive waves.

Speaking of massive waves, Jupiter Beach is a low-key, laid back corner of Florida’s East Coast and has been frequented by surfers because of its awesome waves that offer a quality surfing experience.

If riding waves are not your thing, guess what? Mui Ne is famed for its enormous red and white sand dunes where you can ride an ostrich!


Komodo Island, Indonesia – You are quite mistaken if you thought dragons don’t exist. Behold the majestic Komodo dragon that has made its home at the Komodo National Park. This park lies between the islands of Flores and Sumbawa in Eastern Indonesia. Like a scene from Jurassic Park, Komodo Island is isolated and untamed. Besides being home to an astonishing animal, this is a paradise for nature lovers. There are vast mountains to climb and amazing diving sites around beautiful coral reefs to explore.



Bukit, Bali, Indonesia – If huge dragons aren’t really your cup of tea, perhaps a huge limestone is. In Balangan, you’ll be awe-inspired by the most exquisite beach in all of Bali. If you love surfing, you must rent a surfboard for the day and ride the awesome waves. If you don’t, you can lease a scooter to explore the veiled beaches of Bingin. There is a legendary Kecak dance at sundown in the Uluwatu temple, which is definitely a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity to witness.



Boracay, Philippines –  Once you are done figuring out the difference between El Nido and Coron, another Philippines paradise you can visit is Boracay Island. It has the loveliest, most relaxing atmosphere and when you combine that with a two-mile stretch of iridescent, sandy beach, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven. For the thrill seeker in you, indulge in watersports like windsurfing, kite boarding and also horseback riding at the Bulabog Beach.