The season of gift giving and “shop ’til you drop” days is officially upon us.

November hosts a variety of events but let’s face it folks, the BIG ONE is BLACK FRIDAY.  The countdown until November 23rd, 2018 has already begun!  This has become a sport that we practice for all year long.  Are you prepared?  Do you have the right gear?  Done all the research?

For some, BLACK FRIDAY is a tradition among wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, etc.  (You get the idea.) However, more men are getting in on the action too.   With the gadgets that will quickly gps the nearest location of an item or a scan of a barcode to see what kind of savings you will get…..the days of getting there early on this “biggest shopping day of the year” have a different meaning altogether.  This game has definitely become one for the pros.  If you aren’t properly equipped with the gear and the info – you might get hurt!

According to a survey taken by  the National Retail Federation on BLACK FRIDAY,”half (52.6%) of those who own a smartphone said they will use their device to research products, redeem coupons, use apps to assist in their purchase, and purchase holiday gifts and items.

And watch out for the tablet owners!  They are even more likely to use their device to aid in their holiday shopping – seven in 10  tablet owners will research and shop using their device.

However, when it comes to mobile shopping, young adults present the biggest opportunity for retailers. According to the survey, Americans aged 18-24 are the most likely to use their smartphones (72.2%) and tablets (86.4%) to shop for holiday items this year.

Men are also considerably more likely than women to use their smartphone and tablet device to shop for gifts. Two in 10 men (17.6%) and just 10.8 percent of women who own smartphones plan to purchase products, and four in 10 (38.5%) men with tablets and 31.3 percent of women with tablets will make purchases this holiday season.”

Clearly, BLACK FRIDAY is a sport that requires great strategy.  Nothing less than chess-like precision will allow for a high score. Regardless of your level of skill, remember, BLACK FRIDAY is NOT a “contact sport” and should not be played to resemble one.

Below are a some useful reminders of things needed to play:

1)  Make sure you have a list

2)  Know your budget

3) Do your online research

4)  Print off ALL of the coupons before you go – even if you might not use them…it’s better to have them than not.

5)  Make sure your phone is charged.

6)  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and be sure to eat before you go and use the restroom. (the lines may be long)

7)  Know the store policies and be sure to ask for a Gift Receipt.

8)  Know that alcohol may impair your purchasing judgement.  (it’s best to celebrate after you have the goods!)

9)  Bring the ads with you.  Pictures really help when trying to describe the items you are searching for!

10)  BRING YOUR MANNERS!  Pushing, shoving and being rude is just not fun for anyone.  (Seriously, the rule book says so.)


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After you’ve finished your holiday marathon shopping adventure, sit down and get into the holiday “spirit” with a Grinch Martini!


If  BLACK FRIDAY is a sport….it is one sport in which every player can WIN!

On your mark.  Get SET.  GO!!!!