Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival Continues Year-Round

The Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Community Center’s Phyllis & Harvey Sandler Center has not closed the curtain on its Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival (BRJFF) just yet.  Although its prized 3-week film festival, which recently ran from March 4 – March 24, has passed, it’s not a wrap! 

The Levis JCC Sandler Center will present encore screenings of three acclaimed films including The Body Collector (BRJFF 2018 winner for Best Feature Film), Longing, and Righteous.  The encore screenings of The Body Collector will also include a special guest appearance by Dutch investigative journalist Hans Knoop, on which the novel, and the award-winning film were based.

The Body Collector

Wednesday, May 23 at 1pm

Thursday, May 24 at 10:30am at The Movies of Delray 

Investigative journalist Hans Knoop becomes personally involved in the hunt for Pieter Menten, an untouchable ex-Nazi and war criminal. Menten, a prominent millionaire living a lavish lifestyle near Amsterdam, decides to auction off part of his famous art collection which he had shipped to the Netherlands during the war. Knoop receives a tip from an Israeli colleague about Menten’s hidden wartime past but is warned to stay away from the story. He is stonewalled by bureaucrats and threatened by Menten. Based on the true story and novel by Hans Knoop.


Wednesday, June 6 at 1pm

Ariel, a middle-aged, well-off bachelor, learns he has lost a son he didn’t know existed. Ariel begins a journey of exploration as he travels to his son’s gravesite. Desperate to learn more, he belatedly discovers fatherly love and devotion and deals with his own troubled childhood. This film was a Palm Beach County Premiere.


Wednesday, July 11 at 1pm

Hania, a Jewish orphan, is hidden during the Holocaust by a Polish couple. Many years after the war she returns to Poland from Israel to find the family that saved her life and asks them to accept the honor awarded by Yad Vashem, the title “Righteous Among the Nations”. This story was inspired by the true events experienced by film director Michal Szczerbic’s family and friends. This was a U.S. Jewish Film Festival Premiere.

The mission of the Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival is to provide the newest, most stimulating and thought provoking films that encourage audiences to expand their awareness and understanding of the Jewish world and engage in dialogue to explore the many diverse perspectives portrayed by the films presented. 

A quick glance at the winners of the 2nd Annual Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival:

Best Feature Film – The Body Collector – Director Tim Oliehoek

Best Documentary Film – Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel – Directors – Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller, Jeremy Newberger

Best Short Film – Across The Line – Director – Nadav Shlomo Giladi

Save The Date for the 3rd Annual Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival, which will run March 10 – March 31, 2019, with an Opening Night on March 7.  

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit  Tickets are also available by calling 561-558-2520 or by visiting the Levis JCC Sandler Center Box Office located at 21050 95th Avenue S., Boca Raton.  Individual tickets are $10.  Complimentary Admission for BRJFF Patrons, A&L Gold Members: $8, A & L Platinum Members: FREE

Up from just one week during its inaugural year, this year’s BRJFF Films Festival boasted three weeks of compelling, entertaining and thought-provoking films about people and cultures around the globe – all with a Jewish theme or connection.  The 33 features and 7 shorts were screened at Regal Shadowood 16 in Boca Raton, as well as the Movies of Delray.  Select screenings included appearances by directors, producers, subjects of documentaries, “Q & A” sessions, and more.  Films represented 17 countries.  There were 15 Palm Beach Premieres, four US Premieres, one International Premiere, and one World Premiere.  The number of films in each category included: seven shorts, four comedies, 18 features, four thrillers, 11 documentaries, two women series, two LBGTQ themed films, and 15 Israeli films.