Caffe Luna Rosa, Delray Beach’s popular beachside restaurant, today announced that it will do its part to keep the neighboring beach and Atlantic Ocean a little bit cleaner by soon offering customers “biodegradable straws” only, according to Fran Marincola, the restaurant’s founder. 

The reason for this move is perhaps best explained by this inews headline in the U.K.: “Why Straws Suck: Try a Biodegradable Straw and Save the Planet.”

According to inews reporter Rachel Sigee, “When it comes to plastics and the planet, the numbers are staggering: humans have produced 8.3 million metric tons since 1950 and there are now an estimated five trillion pieces of microplastic in the sea. Compared to big-hitting eco-economies such as plastic bags and microbeads, drinking straws may seem like a drop in an increasingly plastic-bloated ocean. But Clean Water Action says that every plastic drinking straw ever used still exists on the planet.”

Plastic straws “take hundreds of years to decompose and they repeatedly feature on lists of the most common plastics collected during beach cleans,” Sigee adds. “There is a certain irony that a product which may well last forever is most likely used only once for an average of 20 minutes.”

“At Caffe Luna Rosa, our restaurant and diners are right across the street from the beach and ocean, and as environmentally aware citizens of this seaside village, it is our responsibility to do what we can to preserve the natural beauty around us,” says Marincola.

The new straws from Eco-Products, Inc. are made from 100% renewable resources and are “so green, you can compost them.”

Caffe Luna Rosa hopes to be able to offer the biodegradable stocks by July 1, the same day that Seattle, Washington becomes the first major U.S. metropolitan area to enact a ban on plastic straws. New York City and San Francisco are also considering the same prohibition.

“Caffe Luna Rosa is proud to join this pro-green effort,” says Marincola.

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