The Snowbirds are arriving daily now and by the masses.

The New Snowbirds

Oh, ok….By the carloads!

(or at least from the looks of it on I-95S there are trailers and campers and the extra carriers on top of the cars.)

Remember when they used to drive the light blue  Caddies and Lincolns that were as big, if not bigger than the QE III?

They were never in a hurry or maybe all that metal couldn’t go faster than .0000000001 mile per hour.  Now, they’ve got a Lexus or if  they are into “saving the planet” they have a Hybrid of some sort.  Doesn’t matter!  They still can’t drive!   The Lexus (thank God) can at least park itself!  They are here for the next few months and the locals have to adjust.


Typically, you can spot a female snowbird by their white or graying hair color (or sometimes light blue or orange form a dye job gone bad), or a male snowbird with his crazy plaid golf shorts in 60 degree weather or  toupe that might be on crooked. Pastel colored clothes, use of sweaters, socks in sandals or white tennis shoes, dark colored over-sized sunglasses, and of course it’s irritating Yankee accent are a give-a-way too.

However, in this day of anti-aging, it is harder and harder to spot them by anything else than their license plate:  New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia…..did I miss any?

Signs of Migration

Mrs. Snowbird has had Botox and fillers and her hair is still blond or dark brown now.  She’s wearing Uggs and has a spray-on tan.  While you will rarely see her wraparound sunglasses without a little bling, she still believes in wearing a lot of Estee Lauder Youth Dew.  So much, you can usually taste it in one breath!

As for Mr. Snowbird, he’s been working out.  He bleaches his teeth and dyes his hair but leaves a little grey above the ears (keeps the ear hairs) and thinks he’s “bringing sexy back” with the loud print or three striped bowling shirt.

They are hip (not hipsters).  They’ve become tech savvy and dangerous.  They can text (even if they can’t see) and talk on the cell phone while they drive.  They can make you late, take your parking spot and be rude BUT for the most part, they are a welcomed addtition to the culture of South Florida.

BUT…as much as the locals complain about the Snowbirds, there is a positive to all they bring with them……Snowbirds fill up the restaurants, play golf at the clubs, and spend money on the grandkids.  They are the “shot in the arm” to our economy here in the Sunshine State.

They are here until April.  

Just a heads up!


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