Palm Beach Happening’s Holiday Display and Christmas Tree Contest

Palm Beach Happening’s Holiday Display and Christmas Tree Contest

Palm Beach County is a slice of paradise all year long, but no one can argue that it takes on a special something during the holidays. With the lights of festive holiday decorations in neighborhoods large and small, it’s time to take a few moments to recognize the hard work that the residents of South Florida […]

Holding cocktails

Five Tips To Better Drinking

The Palm Beaches are known for many things – amazing beaches, awesome restaurants, fun local attractions, and more. However, the one thing that brings us all together is our love for social drinking!  As you work through the humdrum of everyday life, and your “to do” list  becomes more achievable because it is more realistic, you can […]

Flamingo Christmas

Ugly Christmas Sweaters, a history

“Seasonal sweaters” aka “The Ugly Christmas Sweaters” have proudly been worn by teachers and grandmas, soccer moms, soccer grand moms, art and music teachers, volunteers and retirees for generations.  In the late 1980s, the trickle down effect began and the department store shelves were heavily stocking them to keep up with this epidemic. Now they […]


Can You Spot a Snowbird?

The Snowbirds are arriving daily now and by the masses.

Lights ON!

Holiday GUIDE

Since before Halloween,  Target has opened their Christmas/Holiday lights and accessories (for the Clark Griswold’s out there!) section, WalMart is ready to Light Up Your Holiday, and we’re anxiously awaiting the latest controversy over Starbucks Holiday cups.   Can you just BELIEVE it?   Ok, so perhaps you’re just emerging from your sugar coma after devouring way too much Halloween candy, […]