Celebrating Shark Week in South Florida

It’s Shark Week! The time of year when it seems every corny documentary that has anything to do with our favorite pelagic species makes it’s way onto the small screen. From the controversial swim between Michael Phelps and a Great White, to seeing poor Ryan Lochte on a small row boat surrounded by ferocious man-eaters, we’ve learned very little about the ocean’s top predator, and way too much about how poor the writing and so-called nature programs on television really are.

Fortunate for us here in South Florida, we are able to actually become educated about these amazing fish if we are willing to try. The best way to go about this gargantuan feat is to visit the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium for their Shark Awareness Week. Tomorrow, July 28 is the final day of this event, which offers thrilling, family-friendly activities celebrating our ocean’s most respected predator!

  • Take a Selfie with a Shark Cage!
  •   DIY Themed Crafts and Science Experiments
  •  Take a Selfie with a Shark Cage and tag #SharkWeekSFSCA!
  • Scavenger Hunts & Prizes
  •  Virtual Reality Diving Experiences
  •  Daily Aquarium Touch Tank Demos and Fish Feedings

Ticket price is included with general paid admission to the Science Center and free for Science Center members.

Adults $15.00
Seniors 60+ $13.00
Childen 3-12 $11.00
Children under 3 FREE

Another great place to learn more about sharks is the Sandoway Discovery Center    in Delray Beach. This small maritime museum features feedings in their shark pool, as well as other opportunities to learn more about our sea-dwelling neighbors.

A bit further down the road is the Miami Seaquarium, which was made famous by their shark channel. Although it isn’t as big of an attraction as it once was, the shark channel provides you with a great way to see local fish in abundance, as well as nurse sharks and more. Feedings are held throughout the day, and the park provides a great way to learn about the maritime world in a fun way.

Miami is also the home of the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. There, you can from Gulf Stream sharks to the tiny organisms within coral in the Aquarium;  a trip through the beautiful watery worlds of South Florida. The building works on three levels, beginning on the top Vista level where you travel the vibrant surface of habitats such as the Gulf Stream, Mangrove Forests and the Everglades. Descend to the lower Dive and Deep levels for stunning underwater views and interactive learning stations. Through face-to-face encounters with working scientists and dynamic live animals, experience a connection to these rich ecological systems, and the science behind them.

In the center part of the state, you can walk through the world of the shark at SeaWorld! At Shark Encounter®, experience a rare, up-close look at prehistoric predators whose ancestors dominated the sea over 450 million years ago—long before even dinosaurs walked the earth. 

However you choose to learn about these beautiful creatures, be sure to remember that they were here long before we were, and will probably be around long after we are gone. Sharks deserve our respect, and our help.