Community Event Gives PBC Grassroots Organizations $750,000

Quantum Foundation is giving away $750,000 dollars next Wednesday, November 1 at their annual event, Quantum in the Community. Almost 100 grassroots organizations will be getting money to continue their amazing work here in Palm Beach County.


This is a one-stop-shop for good news, especially as we are approaching the Thanksgiving season.


Organizations provide a range of services, from basic hygiene products to cars for people to get to their jobs. These organizations change lives every day, and are getting much-needed funds to continue their work. These are the groups who don’t receive much attention throughout the year because they have a small staff or rely solely on word-of-mouth. The grants change lives both for the organizations and the people they serve.



Quantum Foundation is a private grantmaking organization that funds approved charities and certain government agencies serving Palm Beach County, Florida. Quantum Foundation’s mission is to inspire and fund bold initiatives that improve the health of Palm Beach County. The foundation’s funding supports those organizations which provide health care, help people who need health care, and educate others about health care. According to the latest data compiled by the Florida Philanthropic Network (FPN), Quantum Foundation is the largest Palm Beach County-based health funder with 100% of grant dollars used to support local communities. Since its founding in 1997, Quantum Foundation has given away more than $125 million in grants to more than 450 local health-related initiatives in Palm Beach County. Since Quantum in the Community started in 2011, $4 million has been given away through this project.