The League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County, ACLU Palm Beach County, and the National Council of Jewish Women Palm Beach County Sections (NCJW) are co-hosting WHY COURTS MATTER, a three-part lunch-&-talk series focused of how the lives of Floridians are affected by judicial vacancies and court decisions. Each event will feature experts discussing key court decisions on major issues.

Certainly, the current vacancy on the Supreme Court highlights a big problem: prolonged judicial vacancies adversely affect litigants and courts, delaying decisions, running up costs and strangling justice. This is true of all Federal and state courts, not just the Supreme Court.

All three luncheons will be held from 11 am to 1 pm at the Atlantis Country Club, 190 Atlantis Avenue in Lake Worth. The cost to attend (including lunch) is $20 if registered at least 10 days in advance, and $30 for later registration. Attendees can register online at

LPamela Goodmanuncheon #1 on May 18:

The Role of the Courts in Florida Redistricting

Pamela Goodman, President of League of Women Voters of Florida, will discuss the ongoing five-year campaign to redraw voting districts. Debra Chandler, former Assistant Public Defender, will explain the Federal Court structure.

Luncheon #2 on June 15:

The Role of the Courts in Voting Rights

Julie Ebenstein, staff attorney for the ACLU Voting Rights Project, will explore the impact the Supreme Court has had on voting rights. Linda Geller-Schwartz, State Policy Advocate for NCJW, will suggest ways in which advocates can help educate the public about WHY COURTS MATTER.

Luncheon #3 on September 21:

How Judicial Vacancies Impede Access to Justice

Nancy Abudu, Legal Director for ACLU of Florida, will share how the high number of judicial vacancies on the federal bench has led to significant delays, and sometimes outright denials in the appellate context.

This three-part WHY COURTS MATTER luncheon series is made possible by a grant from the Progress Florida Education Institute.

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