Delray Beach Marketing Cooperative Launches ‘Your Perfect Day in Delray’ Summer Promotion

This summer the Delray Beach Marketing Cooperative is inviting visitors and residents to have Your Perfect Day in Delray.

Fighting ACEs2The DBMC team, which is responsible for marketing the city, is launching a summer advertising campaign aimed at bringing in travelers in the somewhat slower summer and shoulder months, and it kicks off this month.

“The summer ads aim to showcase the almost infinite combinations of ways people can experience Delray Beach,” says DBMC Executive Director Stephanie Immelman. “The town boasts two miles of some of the prettiest beach in Palm Beach County, but the beach is only the beginning. This exciting, elegant and yet unpretentious oasis of the county has temptations to tantalize any temperament. With culture, sports, art, shopping, nightlife and much more, there are many ways in which everyone can enjoy their day in beautiful Delray.”

The new ads will spotlight real residents describing how they spend their morning, noon and night, providing insight to visitors on the various ways one can spend a whole day in Delray. After viewing these colorful advertising profiles, it is obvious the city has a lot more to offer than one can experience in a single day.

“To support the summer ad campaign, local hotels are now offering great deals and summer specials that will allow visitors to stay longer and do more,” adds Immelman. “In fact, these hotel specials will be updated throughout the summer so travelers will be able to find great rates through September.”

For more information on the campaign and a current list of hotel specials this summer, please visit