Boynton Beach installs iconic sculptures around town

One the sculptures when it was previously on display in NYC.

In early October, the City of Boynton Beach began installing large, iconic Albert Paley stainless steel sculptures in various locations around the downtown area. This is part of the city’s efforts for art in public places + is the unofficial kick-off to promote the new town square cultural district redevelopment project in east Boynton Beach. 

The sculptures are abstract art, weigh between 2,000 and more than 6,000 pounds each, and are up to 40 feet high. The tallest and heaviest sculpture, titled “Cavalcade”,  was created specifically for Boynton Beach for the 500 Ocean mixed use development
Albert Paley describes his artwork Cavalcade as, “The sculpture provides a dramatic silhouette with spire-like shapes projecting into the sky. These vertical elements have their basis in my interpretation of palm fronds. Although the sculpture is not kinetic, the interlaced folded metal shapes indicate movement as if they are being articulated by the air from the sea. The sculptures dynamism will change with the passage of time.”
The other various pieces that have been installed around the city  have previously been displayed throughout the country, including on Park Avenue in New York and more, and are on are on loan for the yearlong exhibit ending in Sept 30, 2018 as well as available for purchase.
The process to getting these sculptures in place around Boynton Beach involves loading them onto tractor trailer beds/trucks and using cranes to lower them in the correct spot.

The national exhibit, called “Albert on the Avenue,” is an easy, self-guided walkable 30-45-minute tour along E. Ocean Avenue in the City’s Cultural District, and consists of six massive sculptures totaling 17 tons. Albert Paley’s descriptive commentary of each of his sculptures can be accessed via a smart phone connecting with a QR-code on each of the artwork plaques.

This iconic sculpture greets visitors and residents to the City.


“Art in Public Places creates a sense of place and enhances our community’s identity.” said Debby Coles-Dobay, Public Arts Manager. “The Albert on the Avenue national exhibition, powerfully connects with visitors, creating cultural tourism that contributes to the City’s economic development and branding.”

Albert on the Avenue nationally recognized exhibit promotes the new Town Square Boynton Beach redevelopment project’s Cultural District in east Boynton Beach. Structured tours for groups and organizations will be available for booking by January 1, 2018. For updates keep posted on the City’s Art in Public Places website;, Facebook page; Boynton Beach Art in Public Places, Twitter; @BoyntonArts or contact Debby Coles-Dobay, Public Arts Manager.

Name of sculpture: Envious Composure 
Installation location: City Hall, 100 Boynton Beach Blvd. 
Details: Sculpture dimensions -18’h x 7.5’w x 7’d. | Weight: 6,345lbs 
Name of sculpture: Proscenium
Installation location: 306 E. Ocean Avenue
Details: Sculpture dimensions – 14’ h x 6’8” w x 4’8” d. | Weight: 2,310 lbs. 
Name of sculpture: Stance
Installation location: Dewey Park, 100 NE 4th Street 
Details: Sculpture dimensions – 11’h x 6’ w x 4.6 d,. | Weight: 2.280 lbs.  
Name of sculpture: Moment
Installation location: 211 E. Ocean
Details: Sculpture dimensions 14’ h x 6’8” w x 4’8” d. | Weight: 2,310 lbs. 
Name of sculpture: Coalescence
Installation location: Schoolhouse Children’s Museum, 129 E. Ocean Ave. 
Details: Sculpture dimension 7.5’ h x 2.5‘w x 1.75d. | Weight: 370lbs 
Name of sculpture: Cavalcade (created specifically for Boynton Beach and is the largest piece of the project 
Installation location: 500 E. Ocean Avenue
Details: Sculpture dimension 40’h x 16’ w x 10 d’ | Weight: TBA but several thousand pounds 

For more detail about each artwork please visit