It’s the middle of the summer, and it’s hot outside! You have the need to eat grilled meat, but the thought of standing over any sort of flame, be it gas, charcoal, or even pellet makes you start sweating. Luckily, there are numerous burger bastions popping up all over the Palm Beaches to quench your carnivorous palate!

Located steps from the CMX Cinemas in the Mall at Wellington Green lies such a place. Beauty and the Beeef, which recently opened after what seemed like forever, provides not only some of the tastiest burgers in the county, but also a fully stocked bar which provides so many amazing choices you’d have to visit dozens of times to enjoy all their liquid libations.

Recently, before visiting Isla Nublar for what might be the final time on the big screen, Palm Beach Happening had the chance to indulge and continue our never-ending quest for burger nirvana.

The first thing you’ll notice is the large amount of choices on the menu. It is the typical one page fare, but there are numerous options for virtually every taste-bud.

The real kicker here is the drink menu. Labeled “DO NOT OPEN,” this multi-page list covers virtually every sort of cocktail, beer, and non-alcoholic choice you could make. Heck, their combinations, such as liquid marijuana and Kulkulkan, will leave you scratching your head. As soon as you order them, however, you’ll be in heaven!

Unfortunately, one cannot live on alcohol alone (or at all, if it comes right down to it.)

In addition to the amazing bar, they also have some great food. Our culinary journey began with an appetizer. The queso cheese sticks with hot pepper salsa are an homage to your everyday mozzarella sticks that can be found at virtually every bar, restaurant, and dive in the country, if not the world. However, these bits of cheesy goodness take your mouth on a journey that sets the stage for an awesome meal. The hot pepper salsa is strong, but you can also get a ranch dip that takes the edge off.

For the main course, we opted to try the OMG, because why not! This burger comes complete with double beef patties, yellow and white American cheese, beer battered onion rings, and double smoked bacon, and is so big we ended up bringing half of it home. It is served with your choice of side, and we had to go with the macaroni and cheese. Now, be warned that the mac and cheese might appear a bit dry, but one you dig the spoon all the way to the bottom of the large bowl, you’ll be in cheesy heaven!

You might be wondering what’s up with the red pickle on top of the cole slaw? Well, that’s one of their signature Kool-Aid pickles, and it was amazing!

We also enjoyed the BBQ grilled cheese. This sandwich is as simple as it is yummy, and is accompanied by a side of Campbell’s tomato soup. Stuffed with BBQ pulled pork, and topped with coleslaw and double cheddar cheese, it provides enough of a kick to keep you coming back for more, and holds it’s own against similar sandwiches you can find at your favorite BBQ joint. It comes with your choice of side, and we opted for the mashed potatoes and a side of poutine gravy. The gravy is the sort of topping that you could put atop your shoe and go to town!

Next time, we’ll have to sample their poutine and see how it is, as it was highly recommended by the owner and manager of the place.

Palm Beach Happening would like to thank Sally Shorr, the Buzz Agency, and the staff of Beauty and the Beeeef for their hospitality. Operating a restaurant at the mall can be a daunting task, but we feel that the quality and service received will guarantee that they’ll be around for some time to come.

So, if you’re searching for a great burger, some fantastic food, and excellent service, stop by Beauty and the Beeeef. You’ll be glad you did!

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