This time of the year is the most popular for online dating. Since the start of the New Year means new beginnings and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, the number of singles “signing up” to find love skyrockets. Just look at these trends and statistics reported by popular online dating apps:

From Christmas through Valentine’s Day, reports a 60 percent spike in new singles joining their network.

Tinder expects a 12 percent increase in the number of matches on January 8, 2017.

Hinge usually sees a 50 percent increase in registrations the Sunday after New Year’s.

Happn found that the week right after New Year’s is very popular: Last year there were 33 percent more “likes,” 13 percent more “charms,” and 19 percent more “crushes” made during that time.

With an expected 103,910 sign-ups, Plenty of Fish POF projects that Sunday, January 8 will be the second busiest day of the year for them.

For those looking to find a match online, the experts at PeopleLooker have put together The Successful Online Dater’s Guide. PeopleLooker helps provide affordable public records reports for on-line daters in an easy to read format.


Create a Successful Online Dating Message

Are you ready to make a good first impression? It’s online dating season, after all – time to give love a shot. But a relationship must start somewhere. Whether online or in the traditional sense, initial contact may be the most nerve-racking part of dating. What you say can either make or break your chances of finding someone special.

  1. Don’t just say hey, hello or hiStatistics show you can’t really have someone at hello. Approaching someone with one of these boring, traditional salutations will get you a measly response rate of 27 percent.
  2. Talk about interests Relating with someone because of similar interests is an effective way to make a connection. It also shows someone you actually read their profile. You’ll have a higher chance of connecting with someone if you use phrase like, “curious what,” “your name,” “noticed that,” “good taste,” and “you mention.”
  3. eneral, not physical, compliments are best Mentioning or “complementing” someone’s looks is a big mistake. You might think it would be flattering for the other side, but by it is actually unwanted. Replace negative words like “hot,” “beautiful,” “sexy,” and “cutie,” with words that will raise your chances of getting a positive response; such as, “cool,” “it’s nice that,” “fascinating,” and “awesome.”
  4. Don’t overthink “Twitter-like” messages – those that are 40 to 60 characters long – tend to have the highest response, with the average message being just over 100 characters.
  5. Write correctly Making a spelling or grammar error is an almost certain way to not get you a response. Bad slang will give you a terrible first impression. OKCupid found the worst words you can use in a first message are: “ur,” “u,” “r,” “ya,” “can’t,” “hit,” “realy,” “luv,” and “wat.”

Tips for Improving Profile Photos to Get More Effective Results Here are some of the Best photo tactics to get (good) attention from your online dating profile:

1. Don’t cover your face Tinder’s in-house sociologist, Jess Carbino said one of the biggest mistakes you could make in your profile photo is covering your face. If you want to get noticed, you should ditch the hat, glasses, mask or move anything else that would be blocking your face.

2. Be aware of what you wear The clothing you wear in your profile photos creates a portrait of your personality. A Tinder study which analyzed 12,000 profile photos found that most users are wearing clothing choices that do not make them stand out. Black is the most popular color to wear for men and women – followed by white, blue and grey.

3. Do something interesting You want to get people to respond to you based on your profile, but you also don’t want it to lead to nowhere. If a guy responds to a girl because she’s showing her cleavage, well, that’s not exactly the best beginning for a lasting relationship. Think about wanting to start a conversation with someone. A great way to do this is to show yourself doing something interesting in your photos. Like playing guitar or volunteering.

  1. Don’t smile

Women who look directly into the camera with a flirty-kind of look get the most messages, as opposed to strictly smiling. However, “flirting away from the camera is the single worst attitude a woman can take.” In contrast, the dating site found that men who look away from the camera and don’t smile get more messages.

  1. Take up a lot of space

In a 2016 study, researchers created two separate profiles for three different men and women. In one set of profiles, the candidates posed for photos in contractive positions; like crossing their arms. And in the other set of profiles, the same candidates posed in expansive positions; like raising their arms up in a “V.” The photos in which the men and women were in expansive positions were selected more often than the contractive position photos. Also, men especially were found to be more attractive when they displayed open body language.

To Keep Yourself Safe and Improve the Chances of a Second Date, Follow These Tips

Taking your online conversations to a “real life” first date can be a thing to navigate. Dating sites see a surge in popularity this time of the year, so it’s likely that your first date with someone new may happen soon.

1. Know who your date is before you meet Check out your date’s social media profiles if you haven’t already. If you don’t see any linked accounts to their online dating profile, or the information from one social network to the next is not consistent, consider this a reason for more research before you meet in person.

2. Meet in a safe, public place Choose or suggest a public setting for your first date. No exceptions. If your date insists on meeting somewhere that sounds private, you might be talking to a sexual predator. Here are some good potential places: • A coffee shop. • A bowling alley. • A casual restaurant.

3. Never go to your home on the first or even second or third dates – for safety reasons. The consequences of meeting your date for the first time at one of these places range from awkwardness and making your date feel uncomfortable…or in some cases, much worse. Being in any secluded or personal environment with a stranger can be dangerous.

4. During the date • Be yourself. If you lie or aren’t genuine, you’re defeating the point of dating in the first place. • Don’t share the same drink. • Don’t drink alcohol. At all. Just don’t do it. Logically speaking, too many bad things can consequently happen. A first date is not the time for alcohol. • Have an exit strategy if things aren’t going well; like calling or texting a friend. • Have your own transportation to and from the place you meet.

5. First date red flags: Be skeptical of someone who seems… • Too eager to become involved. • Overly interested in your finances. • Overly interested in the intimate details of your past relationships. • Overzealous in their efforts to please you. • Temperamental (example: they yell at the barista because their cappuccino wasn’t frothy enough).


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