Faces Behind the Fear: Jeremy Schroader of Fright Nights at the South Florida Fairgrounds

Fright Nights at the South Florida Fairgrounds employs a wide variety of creative individuals who combine their forces each All Hallows Eve to provide their guests a night of fear, friends, and fun that will leave them hungry for more. One of the minds behind the haunts themselves is Jeremy Shroader.

Recently, Jeremy took some time out of his schedule to tell us a bit more about his role in the event, as well as what we should expect in 2018.

Do you like scary movies? (The best opening question in film history, IMHO) hahaha…. But of course.


Do you enjoy haunted attractions? If so, which is your favorite?  Most definitely. House of Shock In New Orleans, LA. Unfortunately they are no longer in operation but for many years you could count on them to crank the level of fear to 11.


There are several school of scaring, if you will. What technique works best for you?  Unpredictability… I like to “read” the parton and adjust my tactics accordingly, weather that’s being loud and obnoxious or  being the silent creeper.


Can you tell us more about your character? Mortis is an ancient traveler that transcends time and lurkes in the shadows only to torment the living.


What would your ultimate haunted attraction consist of?  That’s a really hard question to answer, as I’m always implememting new ideas and techniques and try to push the envelope with every haunt I design. It is safe to say that it would have the most demented and gruesome monsters imaginable.


What advice would you give someone interested in working in a haunted attraction? That it is ultimately extremely fun but with equal amounts of hard work.


With all the haunted attractions out there, why should someone visit Fright Nights? Because we offer something for everyone, haunts, Midway rides, games, food, drinks and a great Halloween atmosphere.


What inspired you to become a scareactor?  I remember at a really young age checking out a book at the library called  “ how to operate a haunted house”  that’s really what inspired me and planted the seed for the future, some years later around age 13 I volunteered  at  my 1st local community haunted house and from that point on I was hooked.


Who is your favorite Hollywood creature creator/make-up artist, and why? I would have to say Rick Baker, after seeing the transformation scene in American werewolf in London it opened my eyes wide to the limitless world of special fx make-up.


How long do you spend in make-up for the haunt, or do you always look like that?  Haha, touché. For my current character I use a silicone mask that just slips over my head to complete the look of Mortis.


What is your motivation for your character? I‘ve always been drawn towards the supernatural and unknown and this character definitely embodies the dark side of both.


What can fans expect from your part of Fright Nights?  They can expect their nightmares to come to life, beyond that they will just have to come see for themselves and experience Fright Nights.



For more details, be sure to visit MyFrightNights.net! Also, be sure to check out some of our other Faces Behind the Fear interviews!

Remember that Halloween is a time for fun and frivolity. It is a time to come out of your shell, and to acknowledge the mischievous spirit that resides within all of us. Be sure to keep following Palm Beach Happening for news on other spooky events in the Palm Beaches. If you know of another local event that would appreciate the undead light shone upon it, please let us know!