What scares you? For anyone in the haunt industry, this simple question is what drives them to innovate and explore new ways to get your attention. For many, clowns can be frightening. For others, mad scientists. For almost everyone, it’s the unknown.

It is in this realm that Stephania Conti dwells. Her character is a mystery, inspired by the legends of the Amazon warriors, who gathered in the shadows awaiting their next victim, with a bit of VooDoo thrown in for good measure. Will that victim be you?

Do you like scary movies? (The best opening question in film history, IMHO) Of course! I am a huge fan of sci-fi horror films such as the Alien and Predator series. My guilty pleasure is watching movies that don’t take themselves too seriously, such as the Sharknado franchise and Cabin in the Woods (2012). 

The ones that really get my heart pounding are the paranormal horror films, that stuff seems too realistic for me and it will keep me up at night. 

Do you enjoy haunted attractions? If so, which is your favorite?  Overtime I’ve grown to have a different appreciation for haunts, now I know how much hard work and thoughtfulness goes behind each scene. I enjoy being scared, but I also enjoy seeing the detailed sets and costumes. 

I don’t get to travel much to see other haunts, but it is on my bucket list to go on a haunted hay ride! 

There are several school of scaring, if you will. What technique works best for you? I believe my strength has always been to play an animalistic or wild monster. I don’t want to be bogged down by dialogue so I enjoy playing characters that growl or scream, or even speak in tongues. 

I like to ‘loose control’ with my character and make the guests feel alarmed and uncomfortable. It takes a lot of practice and training to get close to the guests and make them think that I will harm them. 

Can you tell us more about your character? For the upcoming season we are unveiling a new character, think of her as a voodoo priestess. I’m excited to get into the element of being untamed and dangerous, maybe even cast a few spells. I’ve had several opportunities to wear the costume at events throughout the year and really get to know the different movements and scares that I can accomplish with this character.

It should be a lot of fun, and I’m excited to show it off to our victims. 🙂 

What would your ultimate haunted attraction consist of? As mentioned before, I love sci-fi, so my ultimate haunt would be jammed packed with aliens, zombies, killer robots – all that fun stuff. 

If you start messing with spirits and ghosts…then I may be too scared to enter! 

What advice would you give someone interested in working in a haunted attraction? Working in a haunted attraction is a lot of fun, but it is work. You have to be dedicated to the craft. You also have to be willing to push yourself – your body and your voice. 

But there is no better feeling than scaring the piss out of someone, you feel accomplished and rewarded. It is also hilarious to see their reactions. 
I would recommend that everyone at least try to work in a haunt, it will help you break out of your comfort zone, like it did for me! And who knows, you may actually love it. 

With all the haunted attractions out there, why should someone visit Enigma Haunt? You may or may not have seen that we were recently rated #1 Must-See Haunt in Florida by TheScareFactor.com for the second year in a row. Aside from my shameless plug, there is so much blood, sweat and tears that goes into the complete production of this haunt. It truly is a labor of love and I am so proud of what we have accomplished and what we will continue to do. 

In addition, this group of freaks are the most dedicated, insane individuals that I have ever seen and we will try to scare you, or at least entertain you, until our bodies or lungs give out. We are always thinking about the guests and put their needs above anything else. 

What inspired you to become a scareactor? My husband started at the haunt one year before I did, I have always been interested in horror and Halloween. I would religiously go to Halloween Horror Nights every year. I never even knew that there was a local haunt that I could participate in. I jumped at the chance to join!

Who is your favorite Hollywood creature creator/make-up artist, and why? I don’t have a favorite creature creator or make-up artists but I’ve always been impressed with the creators that can provide an in-depth horrific story with a minimalistic setting and characters. I guess it is because it reminds me of working with the constraints of a haunt. I believe the style is called art house horror.

How long do you spend in make-up for the haunt, or do you always look like that?The make up process is surprisingly quick, we have an excellent team that work in an assembly line to create a slew of monsters in a matter of hours. My time in the make up chair is usually only about 15 minutes. 

 What is your motivation for your character? What greater motivation is there than hearing screams? It’s fuel for my character and many others in the haunt, we want to scare you, make you uncomfortable, take you out of your reality. 

What can fans expect from your part of Enigma Haunt? We have been building and creating for months to bring our guests the biggest and best season from Enigma Haunt. We are changing up a lot of areas to bring new scares and attractions. You can expect the same level of intensity and fear that we are known for. We look forward to scaring all of South Florida this Halloween season and beyond! 


Enigma Haunt was just ranked #1 in Top Haunts in Florida and voted as #2 nationally in The Scare Factor’s 31 Must See Haunt List, the only other Florida haunt making that national list came in at #17.

Remember that Halloween is a time for fun and frivolity. It is a time to come out of your shell, and to acknowledge the mischievous spirit that resides within all of us. Be sure to keep following Palm Beach Happening for news on other spooky events in the Palm Beaches. If you know of another local event that would appreciate the undead light shone upon it, please let us know!

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