Florida Supercon Saturday single day tickets nearly sold out

In an effort to serve all of their loyal fans, Florida Supercon just notified the world that  Saturday Single Day tickets to Florida Supercon will not be sold at the door.

If you want to attend Florida Supercon on Saturday only, you MUST purchase that ticket online today.

They are approaching capacity in the building, and after they cross a certain number, they just won’t be able to sell any more tickets for Saturday.

They are hoping to keep 2-Day Saturday/Sunday tickets available for sale throughout Saturday for people who have made travel plans for the weekend. If they reach capacity before midnight tonight, they will have to shut off all sales of Saturday Single Day and 2-Day Saturday/Sunday tickets before the day even begins.
Saturday hours for Florida Supercon:
Registration opens at 8am. They let VIPs and Fast Pass holders into the Exhibition Hall at 10am. Everyone else can enter the Exhibition Hall at 10:30am. The Exhibition Hall is open until 8pm. Events in the ballrooms run until 2am.

Palm Beach Happening will be wandering the halls of the event tomorrow, and we look forward to interacting with our fans. Be on the lookout for the guy in the stormtroopers shirt with the Palm Beach Happening hat!

We are also anxious to see some of our good friends at the convention, including Enigma Haunt and the Saber Legion. 

CLICK HERE for a complete schedule of events.