FoundCare Implements Program to Improve Pediatric Help

FoundCare, Inc. is now implementing play therapy for its pediatric patients, a process which uses toys to help children express their feelings, thoughts, fears and interests without using words. Administered by FoundCare’s team of psychotherapists and graduate students who have received training, the play therapy program’s toys range from Legos and crayons to diverse human figurines and emotionally-targeted board games.

“Since children cannot always communicate with words as well as an adult can, physicians say play is a natural way to engage them in the therapeutic process,” said Yolette Bonnet, CEO of FoundCare. “At FoundCare, we already offered primary care to children in the community and felt it was important to expand our behavioral health options in order to provide the best comprehensive healthcare services. One of the most important areas for a child’s development is social and emotional growth, and play therapy is a big part of that. It complements our treatment protocol for current patients in our pediatric system and we are really delighted to now offer this service that has been proven successful in many health centers across the country. We also accept referrals from schools and other community providers.”

To help further the mission of fulfilling unmet healthcare and social service needs of individuals and families, FoundCare offers pediatric and adult primary care, chronic disease management, behavioral health services, dentistry, laboratory services and X-rays, and an on-site pharmacy, all in one location. As a nonprofit Federally Qualified Health Center, FoundCare serves every patient who comes through the doors, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

“Mental health is as important as physical health in a child’s development,” said Dr. Myriam Glémaud, Doctor of Psychology and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at FoundCare. “A child who is having social, emotional or behavioral problems may become violent, struggle in school or suffer from self-esteem issues. By providing preventative services at an early age, we can help children reach their full potential. Since social workers are not in every school, it is important that both primary and mental health providers are tuned in to emotional issues as they arise.”

FoundCare plans to open a designated room for play therapy at their West Palm Beach location on Congress Avenue later this year. Clinicians and graduate students offer the program in Creole, Spanish and English.

FoundCare, Inc. accepts most insurance plans, Medicaid, Medicare and self-pay on a sliding fee scale that is based on income and family size. For more information about FoundCare, please call 561-HEALTHY (561-432-5849) or visit