Fun food facts and other interesting South Florida Fair numbers

The following are food and food-related product numbers provided by Cheney Brothers (CBI) at the 2017 South Florida Fair:

Turkey legs 21,210 lbs.
Chicken tenders 10,720 lbs.
Ball tips/beef 1,848 lbs.
Jumbo onions 19,400 lbs.
Shortening 860 cases
Chicken wings 6,460 lbs.
French fries 847 cases
Sugar 16,950 lbs.
Potatoes 775 cases
Apples 81 cases
Lemons 268 cases
Flour 20,550 lbs.
Hamburgers 322 cases or 3,865 lbs.
Hot Dogs 212 cases or 2,120 lbs.
Ketchup 120 cases
Mushrooms 3,200 lbs.
Pineapples 4,000 lbs.
Sausage 3,230 lbs.

Bread Supplier:

4 inch round buns 980 dozen

Hot dog buns 1,400 dozen

4.5 inch keiser buns 1,136 dozen

6 inch sausage rolls 1,800 dozen

7 inch sausage rolls 608 dozen


Other Fun Fair Facts:


For 2017, there were 223 market hogs tagged which equals 66,900 lbs. of hogs.

For 2017, there were 32 market steers tagged, which equals 38,400 lbs. of steers.

The fair will award more than 5,000 ribbons to animal exhibitors.

More than 50 kids will win showmanship belt buckles worth over $100 each for participating in animal shows.

There are more than 3,000 exhibitors registered to participate in an animal show at this year’s fair.

 Because the South Florida Fair is regional, it accepts animal entries from 18 counties in South Florida.



Since 1912 each January, about a half-million visitors enjoy 17 fun-filled days at the South Florida Fair, one of Florida’s oldest and largest community events. Last year’s attendance was 448,025.


Thirteen young ladies are vying for the title of Miss South Florida Fair.


During the 2017 Fair, there were more than 750 volunteers who recorded 32,664 hours in agriculture, livestock, parades, guest services, Discover the Outdoors and Yesteryear Village.


During the annual South Florida Fair, nearly 4,000 kindergarten through fifth grade Palm Beach County students are anticipated to participate in tours where they will visit Yesteryear Village and the agriculture area.


Each year, some 2,000 kids cross the finish line for the Kids Mile, which is this years seventh annual and will be held Sat., Jan. 13. Through the years, the fair has given out some 13,000 medals to participants.


To date, the fair has awarded approximately $563,000 in scholarships and will award another $41,000 this year, bringing the total to over $604,000.


There are 40 active participants in this year’s South Florida Fair Marching Band and they will be participating in the Mayors’ Parade, Mardi Gras Parades, Junkanoo Parade, Carnival Parade, Boat Parade and the Football Hall of Fame Parade.


The South Florida Fair & Exposition Center, a nonprofit organization, has 17 trustees, 19 distinguished trustees (includes 11 deceased) 13 life trustees (includes five deceased), 50 directors, 8 life directors, and two honorary directors for a total of 93 active board members.


Since the Fair was incorporated in 1953, 19 individuals have served as the leader (either president or chair) of the fair’s board. Over that same period of time, four individuals have served as the fair manager or President/CEO.


Produced by the South Florida Fair & Palm Beach County Expositions, Inc., a nonprofit organization, the fair’s 106th edition will kick off at 5 p.m. on Jan. 11 with its Ride-A-Thon. The full fair will run from Jan. 12-28 at the fairgrounds, 9067 Southern Blvd. in West Palm Beach. For more information, call (561) 793-0333 or visit the website,