Gulfstream Goodwill Homeless Programs Receive $2.5 Million in HUD Grants

Four of Gulfstream Goodwill Industries’ five homeless residential programs received a total of $2,552,416 as part of a US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program grant to help Palm Beach County’s homeless. The largest amount granted out of $4.7 million total for the county was $1,066,069 that went to Gulfstream Goodwill’s Project Succeed.

00000ottos roomThe three other Gulfstream Goodwill homeless residential programs that received grant funds were Beacon Place ($451,468), Beacon Place 2 ($241,049) and New Avenues ($793,830).

The HUD funds will support permanent, supportive housing for 118 chronically homeless persons with disabilities.

“We are so appreciative to have received these funds from HUD,” says Vice President of Program Services Kathy Spencer. “Our homeless programs are a major part of our mission to improve lives.”

All four programs follow the “Housing First” model, which focuses on providing stable housing first and then providing services as requested and needed by the participating tenant.

Funds from the HUD grants will go towards supportive services, including case management and the salaries of two new staff members, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Addiction Professional, who will work onsite with participants. Funds will also be used to secure lease agreements with landlords in Palm Beach County and to pay operational expenses.

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