Halloween Guide

It’s Haunted…

It may only be late August, but the first big Halloween event opens it’s doors tomorrow night, and we wanted to make sure that our readers were prepared for the big day, and weren’t too scared when all the big details are announced!

Did you know:  Halloween is the second most celebrated holiday next to Christmas?   According to the NRF (National Retail Federation) a scary $7 billion dollars is spent on costumes, candy, party goods and related items for this holiday.

So how will you spend it this year?  Dressing up in costume?  Trick or treating with the kids?  Pumpkin carving?  Puttin’ on the Ritz at Young Frankenstein? Or maybe a Spooky driving tour through Palm Beach County? Perhaps curling up inside your house, with your doors and windows locked, reading a good book?

Let’s see what is in store for you!

Storytime for Grownups: Books to Keep You Up at Night – With Halloween only about a month away, our thoughts here at Palm Beach Happening have turned to haunted houses, scary movies, and all the things that go bump in the night. That being said, we figured that this month’s book list should focus more on the spooky side of life.



FRIGHT NIGHTS AT THE SOUTH FLORIDA FAIRGROUNDS (9067 Southern Blvd., West Palm Beach)  – 2017 is their Sweet 16! Sixteen years of scaring the hell out of you. This year they return with four Indoor Haunted Houses, and are bringing back three themed outdoor scare zones. A lot of work goes into the houses and the “characters” you find within.

“With whatever house I’m working in, I try to get with the designers and get as much detail and information as I possibly can about the house; such as the time period, the back story, the different rooms in the house, etc.” stated Rae Rothwell. “Once I have a general idea in my head about how the house will look, I think about what I would like to see in the house as far as characters go… what would freak me out? What would impress me? From there I can design my costume and my character accordingly.”

They have recently provided their fans with descriptions for each of the four haunted mazes that make up this year’s attraction.

Waking up in a daze being dragged down a dimly lit hallway. ‘What’s going on?’ Head pounding with no relief. My ankles released by fiercely strong hands. A loud metal door slams shut behind my disheveled body. I open my swollen eyes to look around, all I see is darkness with no glimmer of hope. My arms are strapped around my beaten torso, unable to be freed. Suddenly, I am propped up by a strange man onto a flimsy wooden chair. I struggle to release my arms to no avail. A spotlight blasts my face. A stern woman stares down at some scattered documents in front of her, she hisses “Misfit?” I lift my head. “Welcome to Scharnhorst Mental Asylum,” she smirks. “You will be admitted within the hour for the murder of 3 people. Do you have anything to say for yourself?” A grin widened across my face. I let out a half laugh as I answered, “Nah!” I took a breath and happily replied, “by the time I’m running this joint,” I paused, looked around the room, widened my smile and continued “it’ll be the Cuckoo’s Nest!”
Haunt designers: Kelly Goodman &
Alex Rodriguez

During the late 19th century while the industrial revolution was in full swing, many electrical and medical advances were taking place. At the forefront of this new alchemy was Dr. Victor Frankenstein. As Victor thought of himself as the modern Prometheus he would stop at nothing to achieve the forbidden dark art of raising the dead. The paradox of life and death consumed the doctor and his works reflected this, as he scoured the local cemeteries for fresh cadavers. While his impatience grew to find the perfect specimen, the Dr. became more bold and would scout the local taverns and social events hoping to find the perfect individual or… part of one to further his dark obsession. The end result of the good doctors ambitions turned out to be more sinister than anyone could have imagined.
Haunt designer: Jeremy Schroader

Concerned whispers rapidly transform to fervent screams of accusation as hysteria engulfs a town crumbling under the threat of witchcraft. Friends, neighbors, family members – no one is safe from persecution. Each night brings a new trial followed immediately by an execution, a death which fails to quell the insatiable lust for answers among the townsfolk. Leaving your hundredth trial, you trudge the dimly lit cobblestone streets when you are suddenly flanked by members of the occult and presented with a proposition: protection for defection.
Haunt designers: Craig McInnis and Kevin Moore

Many people fantasize of making it big: like being a big star in a glitzy motion picture or a model in a glamour magazine… it is, after all, the stuff dreams are made of. But when a sadistic serial killer lures people into his gruesome lair with promises of wealth and fame – those dreams become a horrific nightmare. Are you ready for your close up?
Haunt Designers: Travis Martin & Brad Cain

Their Midway and live entertainment will be in full effect for those who don’t dare to enter the scare zones or haunts.

“People should visit Fright Nights because we have everything you could want,” Rothwell added. “Music, drinks, food, rides, games. You’re never far away from a scare. Our houses are outside of the box every year and we put literal blood, sweat, and tears into every aspect of the houses. We put on a show every night that shouldn’t be missed!”

For more information, call 561-790-5225, or visit myfrightnights.com.

–  (21069 S. Military Trail, Boca Raton, FL 33486) Celebrating its 6th year, Enigma Haunt was just ranked #1 in Top Haunts in Florida and voted as #2 nationally in The Scare Factor’s 31 Must See Haunt List, the only other Florida haunt making that national list came in at #17. Enigma Haunt is also currently ranked in the top 10 haunted attractions by USA Today’s “10 Best” feature.

In the words of the great Otto Ringwald, “we’re gearin’ up fer our biggest year yet. Come one, come all… this season’s sure to shock!”

Visit http://www.enigmahaunt.com for more details.

X-SCREAM HALLOWEEN AT G-STAR  – (2030 South Congress Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33406)   Do you have what it takes? Over the past 10 years X-Scream Halloween and the X-Scream Team have grown into a diversified G-Star Department all its own. In addition to building the third largest Haunted House in Florida (behind Universal and Busch Gardens), the X-Scream Team has taken on projects ranging from music to mayhem.

Some of the people and things that make up X-scream

Posted by X-Scream Halloween Official on Saturday, October 22, 2016


  • They too have recently revealed their haunts for 2017.Tale of the Dragon Witch
    Dreams. Most of us don’t remember them upon waking – except the bad ones! Where do they come from? Why do we have them? We’ve all heard tales of the Sandman. A myth, a children’s story or something more? Something darker, something more evil than we can imagine lurks in our dreams. Born with the powers of darkness, a witch rules the dream realm and instills the most wicked of nightmares in the unsuspecting. But are they just dreams? Is there a world of evil we aren’t aware exists? A world where the creatures of myth and magic dwell? A world where only terror exists. A world created by the most horrid of witches. A world from which escape is not possible.

    Enter if you dare but whatever you do – DON’T FALL ASLEEP!

    The Black Hollow Curse
    A medieval village devastated. Villagers starving and dying from a series of mysterious maladies. They were such a content population. Life in Black Hollow was good – until SHE came! An outsider. She must be a witch, there is no other explanation. Those villagers still able gathered in the square and came to the inevitable conclusion – she must be purged of this evil or put to death. There is no other way to save the village. The trial held. The verdict decided. Death to the witch! Simple.

    What the villagers did not expect was that she might disagree – she might retaliate! She might have the power to destroy them! Not quickly – no. There would be no satisfaction in that. She will destroy them ever so slowly. She will make them fear her. She will make fear the cause of their deaths. Taking away their lives, one fear at a time – and she will enjoy every horrible minute! They will see – do not trifle with the powers of the dark!

    For more information, visit XScreamHalloween.com.


HAUNTED HOUSES (Road Trip Edition):

 We all know that Palm Beach County doesn’t have the market cornered on scary places. In fact, only a few hours up the road are some of the most intense Halloween attractions ever created.

Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa (10165 N Malcolm McKinley Dr, Tampa, FL 33612) Howl-O-Scream®, Florida’s premier Halloween event, returns for another terrifying year on select nights from September 22 – October 29.

The streets will be swarmed with hundreds of roaming creatures, making escape nearly impossible. Chilling live shows and the chance to challenge Florida’s top thrill rides in the dark will keep the screams coming all

Past favorites Motel Hell, Unearthed, Zombie Containment Unit 15, the Black Spot, and Death Water Bayou will return to try and squeeze even more screams out of you, while new haunts Demented Dimensions and Undead Arena: LIVE will shake your spirit to the core!

Visit http://seaworldparks.com/en/buschgardens-tampa/howloscream for more details.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando –  (6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819) Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando will run for a record-breaking 34 select nights from September 15 – November 4. Guests will face all-new haunted houses based on iconic horror films, terrifying hit TV shows and haunting original stories; multiple screzones where hordes of manacing “scareactors” stalk their every move; and outrageous live shows. And when they need a break from the screams, guests can enjoy some of Universal Studios’ pupolar rides and attractions throughout the evening.


 The nation’s premier Halloween event puts you right into some of the most pulse-pounding moments in horror history. 

The Shining

The Shining

The visually intense psychological thriller is now the most terrifying haunted experience imaginable.

SAW: The Games of Jigsaw

SAW: The Games of Jigsaw

The traps are set. All that’s missing is you. The Jigsaw killer has returned to torment you with his twisted take on poetic justice.

American Horror Story: Volume 2

American Horror Story: Volume 2

Experience three horrifying stories in one disturbing house as a deranged cast of characters seek not only your life, but your soul.

Horrors of Blumhouse

Horrors of Blumhouse

From the deranged filmmakers behind Insidious, Sinister and The Purge comes the Horrors of Blumhouse. They’ve all come back to haunt you.

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Ash vs. Evil Dead

The STARZ original series, Ash vs Evil Dead, expertly blurs the line between horror and comedy in this horrifically hilarious addition to Halloween Horror Nights™.

Dead Waters

Dead Waters

Enter a pestilent swamp that oozes evil, the hellish realm of the Voodoo Queen. If you fail to escape, you’re in for a gut-wrenching sacrifice.

The Fallen

The Fallen

You’re about to be caught in the crossfire of the eternal war of light versus dark and no one will be saved.

Scarecrow: The Reaping

Scarecrow: The Reaping

At a long-abandoned Depression-era farm, vengeance takes root, and the only harvest that will be reaped is you.

The Hive

The Hive

The crumbling house on 19 Hemingway Lane harbors a nest of bloodthirsty vampires. If you awaken them, you will face a savage, bestial hunger.

Visit their website for all the gory details. 

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom –  (1180 Seven Seas Dr, Orlando, FL 32830) Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is a special event featuring trick-or-treating, Disney Characters, live entertainment and more in Magic Kingdom park on select nights from August 25 – November 1. As the name suggests, it focuses less on the fear and more on the fun associated with the holiday. It is the only time of the year when everyone is encouraged to dress up, so dig out your Halloween finery and enjoy the Magic Kingdom at night.


For more information, visit https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/magic-kingdom/mickeys-not-so-scary-halloween-party/.

Brick-Or-Treat at LEGOLAND Florida  (1 Legoland Way, Winter Haven, FL 33884This October, LEGOLAND Florida Resort is hosting its fifth annual Brick-or-Treat celebration, which features the Brick-or-Treat trail, costume contest, scavenger hunt, LEGO® building contests, LEGO characters and a new LEGO Hearse photo opportunity. The event is included with park admission and is filled with Halloween festivities, including photo opportunities with the largest LEGO pumpkin in the world, a giant LEGO ghost build, Scavenger Hunt in Miniland USA, meet and greet with new LEGO Halloween characters and new nightly fireworks over Lake Eloise.


Also, guests can explore Vladmir’s Castle takeover in LEGO Kingdoms, take photos with the new 13-foot long LEGO brick hearse and giant LEGO Vampire, and collect a new exclusive commemorative LEGO Brick each weekend!  For more information, visit http://florida.legoland.com.

SeaWorld Orlando’s Halloween Spooktacular –   (7007 Sea World Drive, Orlando, FL 32821) –  Halloween Spooktacular returns to SeaWorld Orlando this fall earlier than ever before on September 23. Guests of all ages can join everyone’s favorite furry friends from Sesame Street as The Count, Elmo, Abby and others take the stage in “Sesame Street’s Countdown to Halloween.” Families will also enjoy a Halloween Dance Party and meet whimsical characters inspired by the sea. For this special event, children can dress in their Halloween costumes and take part in fun-filled trick-or-treating in the park.

The daytime Halloween fun takes place every Saturday and Sunday starting September 23 through October 29, 2017 and is included with park admission. Event hours are 11 a.m. to park close.

For more information, please visit SeaWorldOrlando.com.


A Nightmare on Franklin Street(711 North Franklin Street, Tampa, FL 33602) Tampa’s most historic, and most haunted grand movie palace will present 9 nights of petrifying programming, with enough variety to haunt everyone from the average Halloween enthusiast to the hard-core horror fan.  For more details, visit TampaTheatre.org.




5th Annual Haunted Pirate Fest & Mermaid Splash –  Free two-day fest located along E. Ocean Avenue between Seacrest Blvd. and Federal Highway in Boynton Beach. During Pirate Fest, downtown Boynton Beach will be transformed into Hobb’s Cove, an old world port brimming with pirate superstitions of past ship wrecks off the coast and Forbidden Island, a mysterious oasis where the sirens of the sea lure you into the depths with their song.

This lively event features 11 stages of continuous live music, children’s activities and pirate stunt shows. Visit www.bbpiratefest.com for more info.


West Palm Beach Zombie Crawl – Downtown WPB –   Join us Friday, October 27th for the 6th annual WPB Zombie Crawl 2017 in Downtown WPB! This is going to be the biggest and best Zombie Crawl yet. Ticket includes complimentary admission to all venues all night, no cover to after party at Roxys Rooftop, 5 free drinks at 5 venues, collector cup and entry to $1000 costume contest (cash and prizes). $60+ value. Venues confirmed are Banko Cantina, Monarchy Nightclub, Pawn Shop Lounge, Roxys and Roxys Rooftop. Registration starts at 530PM at Roxys Pub till 8PM where you receive your bracelet and cup for the crawl. The crawl officially starts at 7PM. After party is at Roxys Rooftop where costume contest is held.

For more info, please visit their Facebook event page or email [email protected]




Halloween is a time that conjures up images of ghosts. Thankfully Florida is home to some of the best tours of the spookiest homes, hotels, and cemeteries guaranteed to give you a fright or at least leave you questioning. So if you’re in the mood to do a little “ghostbusting” or maybe have a paranormal experience of your own, try some of these chilling tours.


Wicked Delray Ghost Tours  Veteran’s Park on the west side of the Intracoastal  (561)666-7906

You may be followed by orbs as you walk near the haunted locations where ghosts are said to lurk. The stories will entertain and the sights will not be forgotten. Call for reservations. Weekend bookings may be made on line at www.wickeddelrayghosttours.com. Special group rates and days available upon request.


Ghosts of Palm Beach

Ghosts of Palm Beach is an outside, walking ghost tour about the history of Palm Beach Island and the spirits that reside. On the tour, they use ghost hunting equipment as well as equipment to communicate with them as well. They also do trivia and guests can win prizes!
For more information, visit http://www.ghostsofpalmbeach.com







Halloween at the GreenMarket – The West Palm Beach GreenMarket is celebrating Halloween with a kids costume contest for ages five and under. Prizes will be awarded to the children with the funniest, scariest and most creative costumes.


Boo at the Palm Beach Zoo – Grab your ghosts and ghoulies and head to the wildest Halloween celebration in Palm Beach County! Now in its 18th year, Boo at the Zoo offers a safe and fun environment for children of all ages to trick-or-treat. Additional activities include: costume contests, dance parties, games, crafts, pumpkin patch, bounce house, hay stack hunt, face painting, character meet ‘n’ greets, local vendors, giveaways, wildlife shows and presentations, roaming animal encounters, and much more! More information available at www.palmbeachzoo.org/booatthezoo.


Last but not least – don’t forget to enter our PUMPKIN CONTEST!  Entry deadline is at midnight on October 31st! http://palmbeach.happeningmag.com/contest-ugliest-pumpkin

Remember that Halloween is a time for fun and frivolity. It is a time to come out of your shell, and to acknowledge the mischievous spirit that resides within all of us. Be sure to keep following Palm Beach Happening for news on other spooky events in the Palm Beaches. If you know of another local event that would appreciate the undead light shone upon it, please let us know!