Happening People: The Harris Brothers of Storage Wars

Palm Beach County is the Fall/Winter hub of social activity in the United States, attracting the rich and famous to our shores for fun, business, and charity. You’ll find a large amount of coverage of these events here at Palm Beach Happening, but even our postings barely scratch the surface of the social scene on the island.

Recently, the Harris brothers of Storage Wars fame came to town to take part in the Chris Evert Foundation tennis tournament, and we were lucky enough to catch up with them for a few minutes to ask them about their work on A&E, how they enjoyed their time in South Florida, and more!

How did you get involved in storage lockers? Actually we fell into it, as that has never been our trade , as we were judging the Miss California USA Pageant and one of our fellow judges was the VP of development for Original productions and asked us if we had interest in being on the show, we immediately told him that we had no history or experience in that field and they told us it didn’t matter as its reality tv and we would just come in originally as appraisers, which we did one episode for , which turned out to be a hit as the next day we received a call and asked if we wanted to return as buyers , and that’s how it all started.

What’s the most expensive thing you ever seen in a storage unit? Well that’s a good question , as we really never came across that big ticket item, a set of speakers valued at a couple hundred dollars, an olive presser I believe it was priced at about $750 but nothing too too crazy like everyone else comes across and finds.

Where is the furthest you’ve ever travelled for an auction? The furthest we have traveled would have been to San Diego for an auction as well as Lake Elsinore.

What was your favorite episode of Storage Wars? Our favorite episode would have to be one of our episodes and I would say The Kook, The Chief, His son and brothers, which was our first episode.

Who is your favorite bidder on Storage Wars: Miami? Our favorite Miami Bidder would be G Man as we had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife a couple years ago during one of our last visits .

Storage Wars has made many minor cast changes in recent years. Is there any chance of seeing you on the original Storage Wars in the future? In regards to any chances of us returning, well we were hoping so as we feel we have so much more to bring to the table, however after meeting with Original productions several times lobbying for our return, we have been told that you never know , as they wanted to wait for the right time to return, however after several meetings, a call from our agent and many emails back and fourth, it doesn’t look like as of today and with season 11 just starting, who knows.
Do you keep up with America’s favorite storage collector, Barry Weiss? We do not keep in touch with Barry Weiss.

How did you enjoy your recent trip to South Florida? We loved it, Lunch at the Biltmore in Corral Gables, Shopping on Worth Avenue, Horse racing at Gulfstream, Brunch at the Breakers, and then of course attending the tennis matches for the Chris Evert charity event, Friday night cocktail party at the Boca Raton Resort,  The Saturday evening Black tie gala for the six year in a row, it was an ideal wonderful, exciting fun event.
Anything else you’d like to add? In closing, thank you for reaching out, expanding to showcase us in a feature which is very cool.


Palm Beach Happening would like to thank the Harris Brothers for taking the time out of their busy schedule to share some of their unique insight into the world of reality television, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

The brothers host a weekly radio show in Los Angeles on LA Talk Radio called the Tastemakers where we discuss lifestyle, travel, luxury, cuisine, celebrity and entertainment. Find out more about the program by clicking here.

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