HealthyWage Announces Holiday ‘Maintain Don’t Gain’ Weight Management Challenge for Individuals & Employee Groups

Weight-loss wagering industry pioneer HealthyWage, the world’s leading purveyor of corporate and team-based weight loss challenges and financially-induced diet contests for individuals, today announced the advent of its first holiday-focused weight maintenance challenge, “Maintain Don’t Gain ,” which uses cash prizes to promote healthy weight maintenance throughout the seasonal gauntlet of travel, parties, shopping and the litany of other holiday activities that often result in unwanted and unhealthy weight gain.

The Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge is the newest addition to HealthyWage’s roster of evidence-based, highly effective team and personal weight loss challenges—most of which leverage the power of “social norms feedback” and other key behavioral economics principles.

The Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge will be a particularly great source of motivation for those already struggling to manage their weight. One National Institutes of Health study of holiday weight gain found that, while people who are in the normal BMI range (less then 25) don’t gain excessive weight during the holidays, people who are already above the normal BMI range will gain more. This key population clearly needs a different approach, and it is one that HealthyWage is now offering.

The HealthyWage Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge kicks off this holiday season on November 16th.  The challenge runs 60 days, pre-Thanksgiving through the New Year. Challenge participants will form teams of five to nine players with a goal of maintaining each participant’s weight (within 2% of their starting weight) through the duration of the challenge. Each participant invests just $1 per day ($60 paid in full or over two $30 payments) for a chance to win. Winning teams, where each team member has maintained their weight within 2% of their starting weight, will split the cash jackpot so everyone earns their share. Participants will not be penalized for losing more than 2%, as healthy weight loss is always advocated, however the focus of the challenge is on weight maintenance.

HealthyWage Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge is also available for companies interested in offering a private contest for their employee group. Many existing HealthyWage clients, including Rooms-To-Go, Fort Bend Independent School District, and Lovelace Health System are offering the challenge to their employees this season.

Interested participants can pre-register for the HealthyWage Maintain Don’t Gain challenge online at