Best Selling Indie Author- Yvonne Mason

With Halloween just around the corner, it seems only appropriate that best selling Indie author, Yvonne Mason, should release another one of her incredible true crime stories.

A gritty, gruesome story that just so happens to be true.  Yvonne Mason’s book, “The Last Rite”, is a perfect example of Yvonne doing what she does best:  giving a voice to the dead. Her eloquent way of portraying graphic historical events through the victims’ eyes is gripping.

Latest Release 10/17/11

In this book, released October 17th,2011, she brings  Pauline Metler back from the dead to tell her story.  A true story of a South Florida woman, that went missing only then to be found dead and unrecognizable.

With a degree in criminal justice and experience as a bounty hunter, Yvonne is able to get inside the heads of both the perpetrators as well as the victims.  She doesn’t shy away from the horror stories of serial killers and hard-core crime.  Ms. Mason’s writing is shocking, sad, poignant and dramatic leaving the readers’ questions answered but wanting more.

A self-published author, Yvonne Mason is no novice to the writing business.  She has more than six books under her belt and she will gladly tell you that there is more where they came from!  Yvonne is a pure delight in person as well as in text, her storytelling is a true gift.

Yvonne Mason is available for book signings and speaking engagements by contacting her via phone:  772-879-3400 or e-mail:  [email protected].

Her books can be found on or

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