‘Life Untitled’ hopes to redefine filmmaking in the Palm Beaches

by: James Gaumond, Flesh Eater Productions

Independent film, it’s not just a film that was made with a small budget, it’s now its own genre, and more then that it’s a way for film makers to truly tell their visions.

You can make a film anyway, any where, with any budget but some places do make it a little easier. Of course when you think about the movie industry, your mind jumps to L.A., maybe New York. However it’s not like that anymore, like I said, films can be made anyway and right now one of the larger places is South Florida. Miami is a big spot however Palm Beach can hold it’s own.

Now I’m not saying, I know the ins and outs of indie film in Palm Beach. I’m just a man that loves films and wants to make his own. While i’m not hardcore into the indie film scene, I still know we have one. Palm Beach is a very open county with local artist, that goes for every type of art, films, music, painting, etc. Just look at the schools we have here for it, Bak: Middle School For The Arts, G-Star: School of The Arts, and Dreyfoos: School of The Arts. We are very encouraging on the youth to better themselves in the arts and help them follow their dreams. But it doesn’t just end with school.

Palm Beach has it’s own film festivals! That’s a huge deal. People make films all the time and it’s unbelievably hard to get it sold or just to get people to watch it. With an indie film, you’re best chance is to get into a film festival. You have plenty to pick from, however having one in your own back yard is incredible! You can submit your own film and most likely see other filmmakers you know in the festival as well. Even if you don’t have a film in it, you can show some local support and watch the films.

I don’t know much about the indie film scene here, but I am an inspiring film maker, I will get more involved in it here and hopefully everywhere.

I am making a realistic comedy that follows two best friends on their day journey, called “Life Untitled”. Lucky we live in a very open county where people are showing me support and not asking me “why are you doing this”, and that goes a long way. My cast and crew are all college locals that want to break into the industry, just like myself. We all want to make a name for ourselves and we are all willing to work hard for it. That’s what you have to do when you want a dream to come dream, not just think and wish, but work hard. We have a lot of creative people in Palm Beach and I am going to work with them to produce something we can be proud of. It’s a film that most Palm Beach natives will enjoy because it will be filmed here. I am securing some local restaurants and shops to be used as setting in the film. It’s one of those things where I think anyone can enjoy the film. I believe I could show it to someone in Texas and they would like the film and laugh, however if I show it to someone local to this area they may get a little extra out of it, knowing some of the local hot spots we shot at.

We are in pre-production now and hopefully will film within a month, but when all is said and down we are hoping to show everyone something great that we all worked on. This was build from nothing, and in the end we have a large cast and crew that will make a film. And of course, we will be submitting it to the Palm Beach Film Festival.

From time to time, James will be adding his perspective on the Independent Film scene in the Palm Beaches, as well as web based comedy and other issues facing “Millennials.”