Lion Country Safari goes straw free

Lion Country Safari is committed to reducing plastic pollution and waste by no longer providing plastic drinking straws at the park. In an effort to keep the animals in human care at Lion Country Safari safe, as well as combat pollution and marine debris, straws will no longer be offered with beverages.

As strong supporters of local and international conservation efforts, zoos across the nation have banded together to join the straw-free movement. Lion Country Safari is proud to participate in this campaign, and has also switched other food service materials in its restaurant to more sustainable, compostable alternatives. The park’s administration, management, and Conservation Committee have worked together to protect wildlife and the animals in their care from the hazards of plastic waste.

Although a small change, millions of drinking straws are used throughout the United States every day and many end up as hazards in habitats. Marine debris is an issue of rising concern, with straws firmly placed as one of the top ten reported items collected during beach and marine clean-up events.