In the eternal battle that is Man Versus Food, there are many competitors who choose to take their love for all things edible to the next level. Some show up to county fairs looking for glory, while others take their passion to the world stage and become some of the greatest culinary heroes the world has ever known.

This week, we profile the 20th ranked eater in the world; a man whose love of food knows no bounds, and whose enthusiasm for his chosen sport makes all of us better people: Pablo Martinez.

Pablo Martinez and fellow competitive eater Mary Bowers

What’s your favorite food? Hard question to answer. I would say pizza and donuts are my favorite.

How did you get started in eating competitions? I got started back in 2012 after watching “Man V Food” episodes. I thought to myself “I can do that.” So the following weekend I went to a diner in my home town that had a giant pizza size pancake with a 12 egg omelette on top. Only 2 people have been able to complete it and they were pros. I finished it in 38min (time limit was 45min). From there, I started going up and down the state doing food challenges. 

There seem to be many different styles of eating in competition. What is your philosophy on eating? Eat as fast possible without choking. 

Of all the events you’ve competed in, which is your favorite? I’ve liked all the events I compete in. They are different in their own way and give me the opportunity to see places I never been to but I would say my favorite is the Nathan’s hotdog eating contest that takes place every year in NYC on the 4th of July

Did you enjoy your time in the Palm Beaches? It was awesome actually. It was my first time in the state of Florida so it was neat to explore different places. Driving through the Everglades was cool.

Can you tell us a little bit about your previous experience in competitive eating? I’ve done a lot these contests and eating challenges for the past 5 years. The one I’m most famous for is eating the Anaconda Burrito in Fresno CA. It is a 3 and half foot long burrito. I was the first one to complete it in 13min. 

What is the funniest thing to happen to you in your career? I think being recognized by strangers on the street as “hey your that hotdog eating guy” or “hey I saw you eat that giant burrito.” Weird being sort of a celebrity for eating food.

What advice would you give to up and coming eaters interested in competition? Train but train carefully. There a lot of hazards to this sport just like any other (choking being the most dangerous). 

What’s your next eating challenge? The finals for the Nathan’s hotdog eating contest in NYC, so I’ll be training for that. 


Of course, the corn eating contest is not the only eating challenge in the Palm Beaches. Become a food fighter in your own right by entering the Pizza Ball Challenge at Mizner Pizzeria in Boca Raton. Do you have what it takes to make it onto the Wall of Balls?

Palm Beach Happening will be profiling one professional eater a week in advance of their “Super Bowl,” the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, New York. We invite the competitors of the IFOCE to contact us  if you have the intestinal fortitude to be profiled here, as a true Master of Mastication!

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