Medical Examiner Releases Accidental Death Finding in Stacey Konwiser Case

The long goodbye for Stacey Konwiser, former lead keeper at the Palm Beach Zoo, is slowly coming to an end.

On Thursday, September 22, The Palm Beach County Medical Examiner released an autopsy report  confirming that former Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society Lead Zookeeper Stacey Konwiser’s death was accidental.  

th“The Zoo would like to thank the Medical Examiner’s diligent and professional work and hopes that this report can start to bring some closure to this terrible accident,” said Naki Carter, spokesperson for Palm Beach Zoo.  “Our thoughts go out to the Feige and Konwiser families, as well as to our Zoo employees. We all lost a beloved family member that day.”

The medical examiner confirmed that Mrs. Konwiser died on April 15, 2016 from neck and spinal injuries inflicted by a 12 year old male Malayan tiger named Hati.  

While the Zoo appreciates the careful work that went into this report, it contains what they believe to be inaccuracies. In an effort to provide full disclosure, the zoo has updated their tiger FAQ page, which was created in the immediate aftermath of the accident, to correct or clarify statements made in the media as well as by authorities. These corrections can be found on their Frequently Asked Questions page;