Last weekend, renowned wine proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset of Boisset Collection, one of the world’s leading family-owned luxury wine companies, visited Local restaurants and wine stores in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens, including a Meet & Greet at Virginia Philip Wine Shoppe & Academy starting at 6 p.m. on Friday followed by dinners at Pistache French Bistro or III Forks. Plus, and Saturday afternoon at Salute Market.

This visit was part of the Boisset Collection’s  “Tour de Terroir” to introduce several of their leading French winemakers to the U.S., as well as to share Boisset’s most exciting new releases with stops in Vegas, New York, D.C. and now South Florida.  During this tour, wine connoisseurs were able to meet and taste from three wine makers in the Boisset Collection (Jean-Claude Boisset, J. Moreau & Fils, and Mommessin) as they toured through three of the greatest wine regions in Burgundy: Nuits-St.-Georges, Chablis & Beaujolais.

(Definition of Terroir: set of environmental factors that affect the land from which grapes are grown and which imparts a unique quality that is specific to that growing site.)

Prior to the tour, Palm Beach Happening was able to catch up with Jean-Charles and ask him a bit more about the event, as well as his connection to our slice of paradise, and more!


How did you get started in the wine industry?

Before birth!!! 


Do you spend a lot of time in South Florida? If so, how do you typically enjoy your time here?

I adore South Florida … we’ve been involved in many great charity wine auctions that have introduced us to many great friends and people … we love the food, the friends, the sun and the sunny “joie de vivre” of the Florida people !! 


What goals are you still looking to achieve for Boisset?

We have done the obvious !!  This is only the beginning !!  We are looking to go beyond … to introduce America to a world of wine reimagined !!! 


Tell us about some of the wines you are planning to highlight this season?

We are so excited for Haute Couture French Bubbles, our exceptional Burgundies, and of course, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Raymond Vineyards and 260 years of the history of Buena Vista !!! The victory, La Victoire, of California wine !! 


Of all the wines in your portfolio, which are your favorite and why?

JCB No 69 … the perfect rose bubbles from Burgundy inspired by the year of my birth, and humanity’s spirit of exploration … the year we went to the moon !


Domaine de la Vougeraie Clos De Vougeot Blanc … The most symbolic wine in our portfolio anchored in the history of burgundy  and my childhood… the white wine of the Cistercian monks in a vineyard planted in 1110!


Raymond Napa Valley Cabernet 

A benchmark, the American Napa Valley classic. Elegance, finesse opulence, richness and of course voluptuous, velvet texture !!!


JCB Passion 

The culmination of our emotions, our expression of our style, allure and of course passion!! 


Buena Vista Winery Chateau Buena Vista Napa Valley Cab

A statement for the history of California, the birth of the fine wines of California and a testament to the first great stone winery ! Power and opulence !


DeLoach Estate Pinot Noir 

Harmonious expression of the epitome of Burgundy with a great sense of the Russian River terroir ! The texture of Bourgogne and the aromatic expression of California !


Palm Beach Happening would like to thank Jean-Charles Boisset , Dana Fetaya and the staff of Rockaway Marketing for helping to make this interview possible.

If you’re a local chef whose cuisine matches up to the best out there, we’d love to talk to you. Contact us and perhaps you can be the next celebrity chef!

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