Over the past few days, regular readers of this site will notice that some things might be a little different than they have been for a while. There is an air of change blowing, and that change will hopefully help make Palm Beach Happening the go to site for visitors and residents of the Palm Beaches alike.

Long ago, a young boy typed out the great American novel on a typewriter in Boynton Beach. Well, that was what he told himself anyway. Before I could even read, I was addicted to the power of the written word, even if it’s meaning was beyond anyone but my own imagination. In middle school, I rose to the position of editor-in-chief of the Viking Viewpoint, and began it’s transition from hand layouts to computer design. In high school, I once again became editor in chief, this time for the Trojan Times, and worked hard to achieve local prominence, eventually being honored as a Pathfinder Award Nominee. In college, I studied journalism and political science, but my journalistic pursuits were put on hold as I started to assist my father in his refinishing business. Years later, my love for the written word once again blossomed, as I began to cover motorsports, travel, and association living for numerous online publications.

My name is Adam J. Sinclair, and I was recently brought on to manage Palm Beach Happening. What does that entail, you might ask. Well, first off, it means that you’ll be reading at least one new article on the page per day. These articles might include a review of a popular tourist spot, a glimpse into the minds of local politicians, or even a review of a high school prom. Basically, as long as it is a story with local flavor, more than likely it is fodder for the page. I am but one person, however, and this site will thrive and prosper only if the community stands behind it.

So, if you have an event you’d like to publicize, a photo you’d like to share, a shining example of love at it’s most true, a press release, a youngster that is making a difference in the community, a story of a local hero, or are simply a local business looking for support from the community, consider Palm Beach Happening as your personal page. With your help, I promise to make this page something that you can not only turn to for the best, most in depth local coverage, but something that you can be proud of as well.

Let the renaissance begin!

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