Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society Mourns Loss of New Guinea Singing Dog, Mic

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society is mourning the loss of its male New Guinea Singing Dog, Mic.

“Mic passed away comfortably, surrounded by keepers who loved him; he will be missed,” said Associate Curator, Nancy Nill.

Mic was diagnosed with cancer following a routine checkup in the Melvin J. and Claire Levine Animal Health Center, in June of 2017. While the Zoo’s animal care team, led by its Director of Animal Health, Dr. Genevieve Dumonceaux, successfully removed the mass, they kept a close watch. Weeks later, test results confirmed that Mic’s cancer had spread.

“While he did not show any signs of discomfort, he was losing muscle mass, so we talked about our options with an oncologist and put him on medication in an attempt to slow the progression,” said Nill.

Test results confirmed that Mic’s cancer returned with a vengeance; resulting in tumors and ultimately spreading to both anal glands and eventually his lungs.

“Mic was a fighter, but his necropsy revealed that he held on as long as he could,” said Nill.

Born on November 5, 2005, he and his sister Sydney arrived at Palm Beach Zoo in June of 2007. As beloved animal ambassadors, they helped educate the public about their species.

 “Sydney is aware that her brother is no longer with us,” said Nill. “She knew something was wrong. We brought her to the Animal Care Center to keep him company, and she would try and comfort him. Rest assured in the coming weeks and months, keepers will be spending even more quality time with her.” 

Zoo officials say the loss of a family member remains the toughest part of their mission to inspire people to act on behalf of wildlife and the natural world.

“We are grateful to our Zoo family and conservation partners for their support during this difficult time,” said Nill. “We will be sending Sydney your well-wishes and kind words