Fatima NeJame, president and chief executive officer of the world-renowned Palm Beach Photographic Centre (PBPC), today announced that the museum would host the monthly meeting of the Palm Beach County Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society on Tuesday, July 17.

In addition, starting at 6:30 pm, the Photo Centre will host a special reception focused on its current exhibition:Renewal: Going Native, featuring “100 awesome images of the beauty of Florida’s native landscape, taken by 18 extraordinary photographers,” says NeJame.

The monthly meeting of the local chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society will start at 7:30 pm, and include a photo-lecture by chapter president Susan Lerner on “Discovering the Insects in the Native Garden.”

“I will be introducing many of the outstanding insects that visit the native flowers in my garden,” says Lerner. “My goal is to encourage everyone to discover who’s visiting flowers in their garden and talk about how to photograph, identify and learn about them.”

Photographs by Lerner are included in the Renewal: Going Native exhibition, along with works by Kevin Barry, Donna Bollenbach, Richard Brownscombe, Christina Evans, George Gann, Roger Hammer, Kirsten Hines, Craig Huegel, Teri Jabour, Mary Keim, Susan Kolterman, Don Marchetto, Chuck McCartney, Rufino Osorio, Rebecca Sabac, Loret Setters and Peg Urban.

“Images in this exhibition range from exquisite close-ups of flowers to mysterious landscapes, and from wild natural areas to planned private gardens,” says NeJame. “Our goal is for the viewer to experience the joy and aliveness of the native landscape.”

“The Renewal: Going Native exhibition at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre is made possible by the support of numerous public and private donors, including The Chastain Charitable Foundation, City of West Palm Beach Commissioners Sylvia Moffett, Shanon Materio, Keith A. James, Paula Ryan and Cory Neering,”adds NeJame. “Special thanks also go to the Florida Wildflower Foundation, Audubon Everglades, The Institute for Regional Conservation, Tarflower Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society, Oleander Garden Club, and more.”

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