Raise the Caliber – Exhibition at ArtPalmBeach by DetroitWick Weighs in on Gun Violence

ArtPalmBeach is pleased to announce a special exhibition by artist DetroitWick better known also known as Doug Schwartz who has committed this exhibition to take a stand against gun violence. A longtime partner of Raise the Caliber®, a national advocacy campaign set on ending gun violence Schwartz and will partner with Black Crow Studios and designer Tracey  Hiner. Set on making audiences feel the weight that gun violence imposes on communities and families, Doug Schwartz created Encapsulate1/SHREDS, an initiative that reclaims remaining pieces of guns that have been turned in through gun buyback, amnesty programs, or confiscated from crime scenes.

These gun remains are then repurposed and encased in solid lucite to create sculptures that are as haunting as they are beautiful. Custom wallpaper company Black Crow Studios creates surreal, flowing wallpapers to encapsulate audiences, and when coupled with Schwartz’ provocative sculptures, offer a full-on sensory experience. Bringing a dose of the dangerous realities of gun violence into the art world, Raise the Caliber forces fairgoers to consider the growing prevalence of gun violence – as there wouldn’t be art without the material remains of the violence itself. DetroitWick’s thought-provoking exhibition will also be donating a percentage of the proceeds made from each sale to the Caliber Collection Foundation, an organization that aids victims and communities that have been affected by gun violence. Fairgoers will surely appreciate the profundity of Schwartz’ exhibition and the importance of its cause and will also be offered the opportunity to donate to this worthy cause.

Raise the Caliber was curated by  Marcel Katz of Miami’s The Art  Plug.

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