Restaurants prepare to weather the storm

As we sit here waiting the arrival of Hurricane Irma, staring at canned food, bottled water, and shuttered windows,  our thoughts drift towards dining out at our favorite restaurants. We here at Palm Beach Happening have been very lucky in the past, reviewing many amazing places in and around the Palm Beaches that provide a wide range of culinary creations to tempt the palate and soothe our hunger.

Next week, we hope to bring you a full review of Grease Burger Bar, as well as an interview with their lead chef. Who doesn’t want a nice, juicy burger about now?

Palm Beach County is under a curfew starting at 3pm today, so it might be Monday until we are able to venture out in search of restaurant quality sustenance. Until then, you can check out the LocalDines FB page to find out what restaurants are open now and after the storm.

Happy eating!