Row your way onto the “nice list” in North Palm Beach

Palm Beach Row, a luxury fitness studio focusing on the many health benefits of rowing, will open in the Shoppes of Oakbrook plaza at PGA Blvd. and U.S. 1 in North Palm Beach in January, and is now accepting new clients with special offers on an array of membership options to fit everyone’s fitness goals.

Owners Blake Rothmel and his father, Ken Rothmel, have created a boutique fitness facility featuring personal space for each client’s use of a patented WaterRower machine, Pilates mat, TRX, dumbbells plus other exciting props during their customized workouts. The spa-like setting also features a refreshing locally sourced cold pressed juices and wellness shots, retail store and state-of-the-art sanitizing practices for maximum health and safety.

“Our goal was to design a beautiful space for working out where rowing was the main focus, rather than just an occasional exercise,” said Blake Rothmel. “Rowing is a full-body workout, burning up to 800 calories per session and using all major muscle groups. With just a few 45-minute sessions per week, our clients will see results quickly, with overall gains in strength, power and endurance. Plus, our classes are designed to be great fun, with high-energy music, LED lighting and certified personal trainers who will motivate you to reach your goals.”

Palm Beach Row will use only WaterRower machines made of solid ash wood with patented WaterFlywheel design to most accurately replicate the resistance felt when rowing on water. Both novice and advanced clients can easily adjust their rowing intensity and monitor their performance electronically to gain a low-impact, full-body workout.

“Rowing is a low impact, full body exercise that uses 85% of our musculature. It’s for all ages and abilities and is especially good for people coming off an injury or with joint problems. Rowing also fills the performance gaps in the human body by strengthening the muscles that tend to be weakest from today’s average lifestyle,” said David “Coach Dave” Chapman, Palm Beach Row Corporate Fitness Coordinator.

In addition to using premier equipment, Palm Beach Row is dedicated to making its studio the healthiest, cleanest fitness studio clients have ever experienced by installing a state-of-the-art air conditioning purification system and surface-sanitizing equipment and a filtered H²O filling station for water bottles. Clients are encouraged to enjoy a 100-percent organic, fresh, locally sourced cold-pressed juice after their workout.

The Palm Beach Row team also believes strongly in supporting our local community. Healthy bodies and minds go hand in hand, so Palm Beach Row will donate a portion of its proceeds to charitable causes seeking to improve the well-being of the community, including Hanley Foundation, Loggerhead Marinelife Center, the Niedland Breast Center and the North Palm Beach Rowing Club.

A nonprofit created by the Rothmel family, Marc’s Dogs, will also be supported through Palm Beach Row. Ken Rothmel’s son and Blake Rothmel’s brother, Marc, was a bronze star recipient suffering from PTSD, depression and addiction when he died of an overdose in 2015. He had been hoping to receive a trained service dog for assistance but lost his battle before he could receive one. Marc’s Dogs will raise funds to pay for training service dogs for other veterans in need.

“I truly believe that if Marc had a service dog, he may still be with us today,” said Ken Rothmel. “We are local residents and we are excited to be opening a new business to help build healthy bodies and minds while also supporting causes in our community that are vital to everyone’s well-being.”

To schedule a complimentary class or discover more information about membership specials, visit or call 561-801-6313.