Back to School Beauty Tips and Essentials

Late nights studying, a hectic class schedule, and throw a part time job into the mix? That leaves little time for putting your pretty on! Not to worry: there are some quick and easy ways to perk up your peaked skin and hair that take almost no time at all.

thumbnail_IMG_1526·         Hair needs a wash but no time? A girl’s best friend isn’t diamonds. It’s dry shampoo. It’s a miracle in a can. On that morning when you slept late and don’t have time to wash and dry your hair, flip your hair forward and give it a good spray of dry shampoo. Let it sit for a minute and then run your fingers all through it. It soaks up the oil and brings your hair back to a manageable state.

·         Tired skin only needs a splash. A splash of cold water, that is. The cold will constrict and contract the blood vessels under your skin, leaving you with a smoother look. To get that look on the go, keep an atomizer of spring water handy to give yourself a quick spritz. And for a quick ‘facial’, dip a washcloth in a cup of ice cubes and milk, wring it out and put the washcloth on your face for five minutes. The combination of milk and cold will brighten up your tone in no time. Add a healthy slather of moisturizer to plump up your skin, which looks stretched and drawn when you’re tired, and you’re ready to go.

·         Nothing says tired like blotchy skin. The latest BB and CC creams on the market are wonderous all in one solutions. You get moisturizer, the ability to even out your skin tone, sun protection and sometimes, even a little gold shimmer for glitz. It’s several steps all rolled into one neat and tidy package. If you’re still seeing dark circles under your eyes, a swipe of concealer should do the trick. Avoid a heavy foundation though: it will only leave your skin looking more dull and tired.

·         Puffy eyes be gone! I’m sure we’ve all heard of the cold tea bag remedy, but if you don’t have that handy, stick a couple of spoons in the fridge for a few minutes and then apply them over your eyes, back of the spoon on your lids, for a five minute rest.

·         Open your eyes wide. If you’re feeling droopy after a hard study session, open up your eyes with a lash curler. It will lengthen your lash look and open up the eyes, giving you a fresher, more awake appearance. Top that with a coat or two of mascara if you want, even using a clear coat mascara, to avoid the pitfall of the inevitable eye rub and resulting raccoon look.

·         Keep your lips natural with a dash of color. Nothing says overdone like too harsh a lipstick color, when you’re not wearing any other makeup, or very little. Opt instead for a lip gloss with a light level of tint. It’s a fresh look that will still give you that hint of color without being overwhelming on your face.

·         Keep the brows tidy. When your brows are untidy or no symmetrical looking, it gives your whole face an appearance of being ‘undone’. If you don’t have time to pluck, just use a matte brow powder or eyeshadow. Brush it on lightly after combing your brows and you’ll find it cleans up your whole look in one quick swoop.

·         Look like you’ve just returned from vacation. With a swipe of bronzer beneath the cheekbones, along the vertical ridge of your nose and at your temples, you can get that vacation glow even though you’ve spent the better part of the previous night with your nose in the books!

·         Boost the scent. There’s a reason people are always saying it’s important to take time to smell the roses: nothing lifts your spirits like a fresh, fragrant scent. Smell is one of our most impactful senses. It brings back good memories in a way that nothing else does. If a rose bush isn’t handy, spritz yourself lightly with a fresh, light perfume and let your mind wander back to your last vacation.

 Jeffrey Welder is the beauty and fragrance marketing director for Get Your Perfume  GetYourPerfume specializes in genuine designer fragrances, bath and body, cosmetics, skin care products, gifts and accessories for men, women and children. It’s where you’ll always find amazing, genuine designer products at your fingertips.