Spring Break Events in the Palm Beaches

The birds are chirping a little louder, the sun is a little brighter, and it’s still cold outside! Of course, most of those things happen every day here in the Palm Beaches, but for more of the country, that signals the coming of Spring, and with it, Spring Break.

Now, we may not be the destination that places such as Cabo, Pensacola, or even Fort Lauderdale are, but we do get our fair share of spring breakers in our own backyard. For local elementary, middle, and high school students, it is also a time to hang out, and experience new adventures.

Palm Springs

West Palm Beach 

Are you looking for spring break activities for your child? Send them to Spring Break Zoo Camp, a brand new adventure at Palm Beach Zoo

“Spring break Zoo camp is both educational and lots of wild fun,” said Kelly Miller, Education Programs Manager at the Zoo. “The hands-on experiences offered will help campers create life-long memories.”

Spring break Zoo camp is being offered from March 19-23 from 8:30 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. Children between the ages of five to eight-years-old will spend an exciting week enjoying up-close animal encounters, zoo keeping activities, animal exhibit visits, behind-the-scenes tours, group projects, games, crafts, science experiments, carousel rides, and enriching conservation education activities. All of your favorite activities in one fun-filled week!

“There’s a new adventure to explore every single day,” said Miller. “Spring Break Zoo Camp is a great way to spark children’s interest in nature, educate them on different species, and teach them how to become animal ambassadors.”


Dates: Spring Break Zoo Camp is offered for one session from March 19-23, 2018

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Cost: Members: $230 | Non-members: $260

Lunch (optional): $45

Drop Off & Pick Up: Camp runs from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Drop off and pick up will be located at the gate in the northwest parking lot of the zoo (not the main entrance). There will be signs in the parking lot directing you.

Official Drop Off Times at Camp Entrance: 8:15 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.

Official Pick Up Times at Camp Entrance: 3:50 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.

There’s no better way to spend your spring break than with your wild friends at Palm Beach Zoo!  For more information and registration details, visit https://www.palmbeachzoo.org/zoo-camp


The road trip becomes a reward this Spring Break – thanks to LEGOLAND Florida Resort – who is launching a first-of-its-kind GPS adventure game built for kids that turns the road to LEGOLAND into a LEGO-themed ride as you drive. Featuring your favorite LEGOLAND characters and real-time Google Maps data, the journey becomes as fun as a day at the resort.

Download the free ‘Quest to LEGOLAND’ app from Google Play or the App Store to your smartphone or tablet. Designed for children ages 6-12, kids can choose a pirate, adventure, kingdom or beach theme and follow a LEGO Minifigure to the resort. Leveraging the Google Maps API, each route is mapped in real-time and transformed into a LEGOLAND adventure.

Instead of traditional step-by-step navigation, kids unlock themed missions, play car games, answer trivia questions, and learn about the world around them as landmarks they pass pop up on screen before their eyes. With 40 total games, thousands of landmarks, and contextual trivia, what you see in the app depends on the route you take so each trip is unique. Kids explore the journey as it happens, share new discoveries with parents and solve trivia questions together.

Seven different kinds of landmarks are pulled into the experience, including National Parks, National Historic Places, National Natural Landmarks, water bodies, caves, mountains, and cities, so kids learn as they play. It’s an educational adventure for the entire family– immersing them in the journey and the fun of LEGOLAND Florida Resort the moment they get in the car. “Are we there yet?” soon turns into “Can we go again?”

‘Quest to LEGOLAND’ is the result of a collaboration between LEGOLAND Florida Resort, global marketing agency VML as the lead creative agency, MediaMonks as the production company and The ZOO, Google’s internal creative think tank for brands and agencies.

Every LEGOLAND adventure starts when kids lead the way…even in the car.



If you know of any other Spring Break events going on in our little slice of paradise, please let us know!