Storytime for Grownups: Strange New Worlds edition

by Adam Davis, Director of System Services for the Palm Beach County Library System


Dear Star Trek:


4Happy 50th Anniversary! I’ve loved you since before I can remember. I watched your series and movies, and still do to this day. When I was a tween, I bought a tricorder with my allowance. Around that same time, I went to a Star Trek convention with my dentist… quite possibly the nerdiest thing about me (besides the fact that I’m a librarian). Thank you for the decades of exploration mixed with moral dilemmas and societal solutions. I look forward to what the future brings for all of us. Until the next movie or series, live long and prosper… I mean, here are some titles to keep you occupied:


De Lancie, John. “Star Trek : the next generation : I, Q”.

Written by the actor who plays Q in TNG, delve into the world of one of the most mysterious characters in Star Trek History. In this riveting novel, “The Maelstrom, a metaphysical whirlpool of apocalyptic proportions, is pulling all of reality into its maw, devouring the totality of time and space while bringing together people and places from throughout the universe. The Q continuum pronounces that the end of everything has come, but Q refuses to meekly accept the complete termination of all he has known.” hoopla summary


Johnson, Mike. “Star Trek. Volume 1”.

The Palm Beach County Library System has a slew of Star Trek graphic novels both in electronic and printed formats. “Star Trek. Volume 1” is the first of a series featuring the new cast of the Star Trek movies. If you love the new cast as much as I do, you’ll love these graphic novels!


Krauss, Lawrence Maxwell. “The physics of Star Trek”.

Even those who have never watched an episode of Star Trek will be entertained and enlightened by theoretical physicist Krauss’s adventurous investigation of interstellar flight, time travel, teleportation of objects and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Case Western Reserve professor Krauss maintains that Star Trek’s writers were sometimes far ahead of scientists and famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking’s foreword, endorsing the possibilities of faster-than-light travel and journeying back in time, supports that notion…This informal manual for Trekkers offers a porthole on the wonders of the universe as it ponders the potential existence of aliens, “wormholes” that allow astronauts to tunnel through space, other dimensions and myriad baby universes. ©PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved


Kroot, Jennifer. “To be Takei”.

Available through the Palm Beach County Library System’s website on hoopla. Stream for free and learn more about the man behind Captain Sulu. Beyond the screen, George Takei has become a stage actor, an activist, and an internet sensation.


Nimoy, Leonard. “I am Spock”.

Booklist review: “Twenty years ago, Nimoy published a book declaring I Am Not Spock and started one of the big showbiz rumors of our time–that he hated his dramatic alter ego, the pointy-eared, half-alien first officer of the starship Enterprise in the original Star Trek. The rumor’s not true, says he in this very congenial new book focused on Spock so exclusively that other roles Nimoy has played get short shrift and, with a few exceptions (such as the account of filming the acclaimed Good Mother, which Nimoy directed), non-Star Trek events get less. But that’s the way a Star Trek memoir should be, and Nimoy’s ST recollections top the others in entertainment value, not least because of the amusing dialogues between himself and Spock that he scatters throughout. Nimoy doesn’t distract us with the greater personal detail Nichelle Nichols and George Takei vended in their recent life stories, and he’s a far sight less self-inflating than Bill Shatner in his ST autobios. Maybe Nimoy’s being a bit too much of a nice guy, you sometimes feel, maybe there was more friction and frustration than he lets on. But with all these happy Star Trek stories to read, who cares? (Reviewed Sept. 15, 1995) – Ray Olson”


Ruditis, Paul. “Star Trek : the visual dictionary : the ultimate guide to characters, aliens, and technology”.

“Voyage through a complete illustrated tour of the StarTrek Galaxy and explore the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Borg technology, The Dominion War, The Q Continuum and much more in Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary. Featuring the celebrated as well as infamous characters, aliens, starships, and technology, this stunning hardcover tome from DK shows the Star Trek Universe as you have never seen it before.” DK summary


Shatner, William. “Star Trek memories”.

“Star Trek Movie Memories recounts all the chaos, creative turmoil, backstage politics, power plays and production nightmares that permeated every one of the six Star Trek movies, including the accumulated grudges that haven’t yet mellowed with the passage of time. And the stories… Nicholas Meyer writing the script for Star Trek II in twelve days… Kirstie Alley doing her Leonard Nimoy imitation in an audition… How Kirk’s love interest Star Trek IV began as a role for Eddie Murphy, and you can imagine the rest (or maybe not).” hoopla


Tipton, Scott. “Start Trek : Harlan Ellison’s ‘The city on the edge of forever : the original teleplay”.

“In this graphic novel adaptation of the classic Star Trekepisode, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock travel through a time portal to 1930’s New York City in order to rescue a delusional Dr. McCoy and prevent him from altering human history.” IDW Publishing summary


Not enough for you? The Palm Beach County Library System has dozens of electronic books, printed books both novels & non-fiction, audiobooks, and DVDs or Blu-ray discs from just about every series and film. Travel to your closest branch or find us on the web!