On Saturday, September 29, the skies opened up as if a reign of terror was about to begin. In many ways, it was, as Enigma Haunt celebrated their second night of the 2018 season with the assembled masses of fans, freaks, and curious onlookers eager to partake in the attractions seventh year as a professional haunt. This year, they’ve truly outdone themselves, as the skill of the actors, combined with a truly professional grade set design and awesome story combine to make it the best yet!

This year, as last, the event consists of three new and improved haunted mazes;  Cursed and Twisted Mayhem along with new demented dimensions in Realms of Terror. 

“This season we are excited to introduce enhanced sets with original and frightening new deranged characters and creatures along with more thrills as we dive deeper into phobias and fears, adding elements that everyone can relate to, creating that rush that only a haunt can manifest,” said Karen Groeneveld, owner and co-creator of Enigma Haunt with her husband Billy. “We are excited to provide the most terrifying and entertaining season yet.”

Below, each haunt is rated based on its level of theming, and general scare factor. The ranking is based on a scale of 1-10.


  • CURSED : VooDoo and the occult meet in a terrifying romp through the backwoods, exploring different rooms inhabited by creatures beyond description! Make your way through, and you might not end up being “CURSED!”


Theming: 9.9
Scare Factor: 9.5

You are brought into an ante chamber where a “Cajun Witch Doctor” explains what you are about to encounter. Then, after traversing a river, you enter the realm of a VooDoo priestess who informs you of the fact that you might already be cursed! If that’s not enough, you are subjected to numerous creatures of the swamp, all of them ready and willing to end you. Sound like fun?


  • Twisted Mayhem : Explore a strange world of medical oddities, insane clowns, and other things that go bump in the night. Can you survive the world of Sammy, Otto, and more? Find out!


Theming: 9.5
Scare Factor: 8.5

This zone takes up the second half of the lower level of the haunt, and incorporates a wide variety of freaks and fiends who are desperate to either eat you, enslave you, or both! Crazy clowns are almost everywhere, and with Otto Ringwald in charge, who knows what might happen!


  • Realms of Terror: “She watches the hole closely, feeling the vacuum of the boundary portal sucking at her cheek, making her dizzy. An intake of foul breath enters her nose and the faraway wave of a thousand screams make their way into her head.Amara has been here before.Decades prior, Amara was found roaming the dirt bank. Wearing nothing but a mask of white gauze, her nails were tarred, black talons. Her lips were the blood red of a still-beating heart. She tirelessly recounted tales of other worlds, demons, and undead abominations. Lost, tortured souls scratching their way into her nightmares, tearing apart the boundaries to become her reality. These delusions finally led to her being institutionalized. Decades of treatment proved to be ineffectual and one day Amara suddenly vanished.Embracing her gift, she returned to the Realms and opened the portal. There she roams, bound to the hallways like sharp whispers hitched to the backs of nightmare shadows.  Some say to help unsuspecting souls who wander through like trapped mice, others say she just returned home, to the honeycombed hell house of Amara’s Realms of Terror.”Accounts as reported by Rachel Litt.


Theming: 10
Scare Factor: 9

Amara is still the spirit behind this sometimes overwhelming, often amazing zone, but her presence is not quite as pronounced as it has been in recent years. The fun starts as you are greeted by a disheveled looking white rabbit, who ushers you up the stairs to the supportive, but a bit off red riding hood. From there, the fun really starts!

This second floor haunt consists of almost too many scenes to list, but let me try. You face a room filled with twisted versions of fairy tales, including quite a few references to Alice in Wonderland; another room where you are transported to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus; a mad scientist’s lair; a lunatic asylum; and, of course, our friend Amara.


Open for 17 days this season, including Halloween night, Enigma Haunt spans more than 20,000 sq feet along two floors strategically built to provide the ultimate experience with intense details and set design. The haunt has nearly 100 trained actors, a professional makeup and costume team and integrated state-of-the-art special effects that tease each of the five senses. From their own imagination, to those collective conscious themes found in nightmares, on the big screen and common phobias, Enigma Haunt has created a surreal reality, filled with creatures, both human and not. Come haunt season, the Enigma Haunt crew comes together each night to awaken the extraordinary live horror theatrical attraction.

Enigma Haunt Dates:

Fri. Sept. 28th (Opening Night)

Thurs. Oct. 18, 25

Fri. Sept.28, Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26

Sat. Sept. 29, Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27

Sun. Oct.14, 21, 28

Tue. Oct. 30

Wed. Oct. 31 (Halloween)

Of course, the best way to experience any haunted attraction is with friends, and Palm Beach Happening was lucky enough to get a behind the scenes look, as well as a walk-through of the full attraction with Kyle and Mary from View From The Cheap Seats! Check out their video below.

Now that you’ve read a bit more about Enigma Haunt, are you ready to head down there? Simply like and share this post on FB for a chance to win a family four pack of tickets to experience Enigma Haunt for yourself!

Saturday’s sojourn into the world of the undead marks the second of many this Halloween season. On the sixth, we voyage to the center of the state to attend Brick-or-Treat. On the tenth of October, we will be heading to the Behind the Scenes tour of Fright Nights, with plans to attend the full event on Saturday, October 13.  On October 19, we will be checking out X-Scream Halloween at G-Star.  On October 27, we journey across the state to attend Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa.  If we survive, we’ll let you know all the gory details!

Remember that Halloween is a time for fun and frivolity. It is a time to come out of your shell, and to acknowledge the mischievous spirit that resides within all of us. Be sure to keep following this column for news on other spooky events and more. If you know of another local event that needs additional undead light shone upon it, please let us know!

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