Nestled alongside the automotive amusement area known as Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway in Kissimmee lies a large castle as well as a village that appear to have been transported from the middle ages and plopped down in Central Florida. Within these castle walls lies the world of Medieval Times, which beckons tens of thousands of visitors a year to enjoy a four course royal feast that is devoured by hand (no silverware was used in the middle ages).

The food, which consists of roast chicken, ribs, potatoes, bread, and soup, as well as your choice of beverage, is much better than the average theme park fare found throughout the Orlando area. It is served by your own personal wench, who delivers each course on command of the king. They also offer a wide selection of adult beverages that may or may not be conjured up via some sort of sorcery!

Each evening, the green knight, red and yellow knight, blue knight, yellow knight, black and white knight, and red knight compete in a thrilling jousting tournament in the name of honor and chivalry, as the assembled guests cheer for their champion. Each rider is paired with a magnificent Andalusian stallion, who have carried fully armed knights into battle since the eleventh century.

The show, whose roots lie with the great Lipizzaner stallions in Austria, provides the average tourist with an escape from the modern world, if only for a few hours. It is a slice of history found within the world of fantasy that is Central Florida, and helps everyone to experience a time before cellphones and the hustle and bustle of modern life. It allows you to escape to a time when honor and glory stood before all else, and when a simple smile could change the world. Perhaps it still can?

This Labor Day, his royal highness is offering a deal fit for a king!

Adults $38.95

Kids $29.95 (Save up to $24 per person)

Use Code: LD17 | Valid Aug 31 – Sep 5, 2017

For more details about Medieval Times, call 1-888-We-Joust or check out their website

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