#TastyThursday – 20 in 20 Pizza Ball Challenge at Mizner Pizzeria

Here at Palm Beach Happening, we have been privileged to be able to experience some of the most amazing Italian fare in the Palm Beaches.

We’ve enjoyed Da Vinci’s of Boca, with it’s sophisticated, old world feel, learned about the history of pizza (and made our own) at Solita&Mastino, enjoyed fast fired pizza at Blaze, and soon we will visit Caffe Luna Rossa in Delray Beach to experience their take on Italian food.

But, we’ve only once had the chance to try one of the most amazing creations known to man; pizza balls at Mizner Pizzeria! They are baseball sized deep fried dough balls, filled with Grande® mozzarella cheese, optional topping and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and fresh garlic. They also offer a wide variety of traditional Italian cuisine, combined with the best New York Style pizza south of Brooklyn. They opened eight months ago, and have been carving out a new identity ever since.

“The Pizza Balls are a very popular menu item, but now that we have bottled beer, draft beer and wine, we decided to start the 20-in-20 Pizza Ball Challenge,” co-owner Evan Manevitch added. The challenge is to eat 20 pizza balls in 20 minutes or less for $20. “Anyone that wants to participate can, and the winner will eat for free, get their photo on our “Wall of Ballers” take home a T-shirt and a Mizner Pizzeria pint glass.”

So far, they have had numerous competitors, only 2 of which who were able to complete the challenge.

“If someone completes the challenge, we will comp their meal, give them a cool shirt and stick up their photo on the “Wall of Ballers,” Manevitch continued.

So, if you’re in Mizner Park area of Boca Raton and think you’re up for the challenge, step into Mizner Pizzeria and attempt to conquer the 20 in 20 challenge. Can you conquer the balls?!?