#TastyThursday – BBQ Tofu

This week, eaters all around the country are celebrating National BBQ day. For many, this important culinary celebration is centered around beef, pork, chicken, or in some cases, even alligator!

This BBQ alligator weighs 30 pounds 🐊🐊🍢© INSIDER

Posted by Supreme Online Deals on Thursday, May 17, 2018

However, we mustn’t forget that even vegetarians can enjoy the succulent, spicy cooking technique known by only 3 letters.

Today, Chef Zelicious brings us her take with BBQ Tofu!

  1. The first thing you want to do is press your tofu; you definitely want to use extra ­firm tofu so it’s not mushy.I know that most people have very strong feelings about tofu either way (you either hate it or you’re obsessed with it), but it’s all in the way you cook it. You have to press all the water out for about 20 minutes! Patience, my friends.

    Use a tofu press.

  2. Then you just marinate it in your favorite BBQ sauce and pan­ fry until it’s nice and crispy on the outside or grill the tofu.


Recipes courtesy of Zainab Fisher, a professional chef who specializes in raw and vegan cuisine. She was the former Chef at the Raw Kitchen. She was a guest chef for Fox 29 WFLX, PBS and guest chef for the CBS 12 health and wellness expo, and provides our readers a new and exciting recipe each week for #TastyThursday.

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