#TastyThursday – Fairgoers count on fried and fun foods

The South Florida Fair is the place to go for foodies looking to consume a cuisine they won’t find in many, if any, restaurants. Once again, the fair promises to deliver a plethora of “not your average” menu items.


Among the hundreds of choices Fun time Foods’ “Hashbomb,” two hash brown patties with cheddar cheese and bacon along with tater tot recipes that will coincide with the daily parade themes; Goetze’s Dairy Kone’s siracha fire & ice kreme sundae, made with real soft serve vanilla ice cream and sriracha hot sauce, then topped with Frito corn chip crunch and whipped cream; Bianco’s bird dog, which features two pieces of chicken on a hot dog bun covered with cheese and bacon; Porky’s doughnut (serving as a bun) burger; and the Purple Shrimp’s shrimp & grits, which emerged as a fair favorite last year.

Some of the sweeter offerings include Parnell Foods’ freshly fried beignets; Chic Crepes’ sweet and savory French style créperie; and K&R Concession’s original king cake slices.


These are just a few of the unique offerings that will be available at this year’s fair, which will kick off at 5 p.m. on Jan. 11 with its Ride-A-Thon. The full fair will run from Jan. 12-28 at the fairgrounds, 9067 Southern Blvd. in West Palm Beach.


For more information, call (561) 793-0333 or visit the website, http://www.southfloridafair.com.