#Tiger Blood vs. #Vampire Blood

Tiger Blood - #Winning

It’s been a hell of a bloody year this year and Halloween is going to be proof.

The Vampires and Werewolves costume choice is back as a rerun from last year’s Twilight and Vampire Diaries series.  YAWN.  Then again, it wouldn’t be Halloween without Vampires and Werewolves, right?

But in the Spring of 2011, there was a kind of “new” blood er…um, evil, born or maybe it was resurrected….It comes from  “TIGER BLOOD”.  Yes, that’s right, Tiger Blood.  Not Tiger Woods blood….but it might be close.

One of the hottest costumes around will be the resemblance of none other than Charlie Sheen, who survives on Tiger Blood.

Charlie may have lost his right as a parent, his two goddesses and his job this year but he is #WINNING when it comes to who people want to be for Halloween.   An easy costume to put together – a dark wig, pair of sunglasses and a bowling shirt  for starters……Or a pair of  boxers, slippers, and a tie.


Messy hair and an open bottle of vodka can’t hurt either!  Maybe throw a frame over your head — after all, he did trash his hotel room!

Just when you thought you had heard the end of Charlie Sheen….and they say the biggest form of flattery is imitation!

Sorry, Charlie.