Tips To Prevent Stolen Deliveries From Your Home This Holiday Season

Doing a little last minute online holiday shopping? You might be worried about packages being delivered to your home and left unattended. Unfortunately, the season of giving is also the season of stealing for thieves. Don’t let a Grinch ruin your holiday! With a little preplanning and a few simple steps you can prevent your packages and deliveries from being stolen from your front door or driveway this holiday season. 
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Justin Lavelle, social media and blog content director for Beenverified, shares his top tips for protecting your home deliveries so you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your packages will be safe this holiday. BeenVerified is the leading source of online background checks and helps people discover, understand and use public data in their everyday lives. Check out Justin’s tips below:

– If you live in a city or high-foot traffic area, consider using an Amazon Locker. You can have the packages sent to any Amazon Locker location and can then pick them up at your own convenience.

-Send your packages to your office address if you know you won’t be home during the day to accept them.

– Consider sending your packages to a trusted neighbor you know will be home during the day. Make sure to treat your neighbor to a Starbuck’s gift card or another small gift for helping out. Offer to do the same for him or her on other days.

– For USPS deliveries, put a mail hold on your mail/deliveries for a limited time and pick your packages up at the post office instead.

– UPS and Fed Ex allow you to leave directions for where to drop-off packages. Follow their shipping details so you know what date the delivery is anticipated. Leave a note attached to your door with where you want the delivery to be left (back door, side of house, etc.). Just make sure you write “For UPS” or “For Fed Ex” on the outside and fold the note over or put it in an envelope. Then anyone walking or driving by will not see packages on your front porch.

– Most shipping providers, such as UPS and Fed Ex, allow you to have a postponed delivery time until you know someone will be home. They also give you the ability to have it shipped to pick-up in person.

– Require a signature before the delivery drivers leave a package at your door.

– Use a P.O. box for the month so that the packages are shipped to the post office and deposited in your P.O. box. Just confirm that the retailer allows shipments to a P.O. box beforehand.

– Speak to the delivery company to find out what time they are typically in your neighborhood. Follow their delivery status online to find out the expected date of delivery and try to have someone home during that time to accept the package.

– Place a camera above your doorway (even if it’s a non-working one), because if a thief thinks they might be recognized on video, they may be less likely to offend.

– When purchasing from a store that also offers a brick and mortar location, have the items shipped to the local store for pick up. It is a bit less convenient, but you can stop by after work or over the weekend to pick the items up.

– Make sure the path to your door is open, clear and very visible to neighbors and the street. If thieves can shield themselves behind large bushes, holiday decor such as large blow ups, Christmas trees, it will be that much easier for them to go unnoticed.

– Make it look like you’re home! Keep a car parked in the driveway, play holiday music inside your home, or keep the TV on. Oftentimes, the sound will carry outside your front door.

Beenverified is a great tool to locate relatives and friends you’ve lost touch with and want to bring together over the holidays and to make protect yourself from online scams which are prevalent during the holiday season.

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