The holidays are one the best times of the year for reconnecting with family and friends. What better way to share life stories and shared memories than in the presence of family members you may not get to spend much time with during the rest of the year?

Below, we look at the best methods for finding long-lost family members or friends and tips for ensuring your family holiday reunion is a success:

Reconnect Via Social Media

These days, many of us have a social media presence. You might easily find your cousin, your biological parent(s), or your spouse’s long-lost aunt just by searching for this person’s name on Facebook.

If you can’t find him or her on Facebook, use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Type in this person’s first and last name, and any other information you know. See if any of the results lead you to a social media account.

Search tip: If you know the college that the person attended, the University’s alumni association may have contact information.

Likewise, if you have current or former employment information, you may be able to call the company or send snail mail directly to get in touch with the family member you’re searching for.

Reconnect Via The Good Old Fashioned Phone Book

Many older people may not have a Facebook account but will still list their name in a local phone book. The yellow pages are a tried and true way of finding contact information about a person.

Keep in mind that some of your family members may have changed their names through marriage, or might go by a nickname.

If he or she has a particularly common name and lives in a large area, this method could prove to be too tedious. They may have also moved from the last area you knew them to be living in.

Reconnect Via Public Records makes it potentially easier to find family members, distant relatives, and old classmates you may have lost touch with through the power of public data sources. You can search either by name, phone, email, or address.

Something to keep in mind: Before reaching out to someone, take a moment to think if now is an appropriate time to be reaching out to him or her. Are the issues that led them to disconnect from you as a family member or friend still relevant? If the underlying issues haven’t been resolved, your contact with this person could be unwelcome.

Tips For A Happy Holiday Family Reunion

No matter how your family will be celebrating the holidays, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure the reunion is cheerful and bright.

Start Planning

With everyone stuck to various schedules and commitments, it might take longer than you expect to get the entire family together on a specific day.

If you’re the host, it’s best to start your planning now. Start by introducing the idea of a family holiday reunion to your close family members and get their suggestions on how to bring everyone together.

Get To Know One Another

It’s a good idea to leave family or personal problems at the door.

Let your family reunion be about connecting with each other, sharing positive stories that help build relationships, and asking questions to better know who your relatives are.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

As enjoyable as family reunions can be, they can also be awkward and stressful. Reaching for the alcohol to help reduce your anxiety might be tempting, but try to resist or at least limit the amount you drink.

Once you tell a really embarrassing story to your entire family because you were drunk, there simply isn’t any recourse for the shame.

Be Open-Minded

A family reunion brings together a lot of different personalities. You might disagree with some relatives on major topics, but you should always try to keep an open mind.

There’s a lot you can learn and enjoy from those family members you haven’t bonded with yet if you focus on their positive attributes.

We hope you are able to reconnect with any missing friends or family this holiday season. If you need help finding a family member or long-lost friend,’s customer service team is ready to help you.

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